What year did you graduate from the IB Diploma?
The year of my graduation was 2014.

What University do you attend, where and what are you studying?
I am currently in second year at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland pursuing a degree in Ecological and Environmental Sciences with Management.

Alexandros, what’s your news? Anything exciting happening?
I am engaged with a lot of student-led think tanks, workshops and conferences. This kind of involvement on campus has been an opportunity to give back by promoting positive roles in the community. Having co-founded a startup (ECO-SET) based in London in the area of sustainability, I am taking my first steps in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Right now I am working on Project Elpis, a non-profit student initiative whose aim is to provide refugees in Greece with free electricity using solar-power to charge mobile devices, serving 240 people per day on the island of Samos. We are working towards making it scalable and help more groups in need. The project encompasses environmental sustainability, technical innovation and social responsibility. I am really excited to represent the University of Edinburgh University delegation at the Clinton Global Initiative this spring at the University California Berkeley. It is a great chance for me to meet new people, network and but more importantly for us to show that there are always alternative solutions to dicult situations.

What’s next for you?
Academically, I hope to start a Master’s degree focusing on urban planning and sustainable development. I also want to invest my time in building networks and participating in placement opportunities, NGOs and social innovation initiatives. I look to the future with anticipation and ambition, staying grounded and keeping aware of my goals, always striving for bigger things. Project Elpis and its further scalability is a priority for the coming months where we want to expand operations in regions where we need o-grid solutions.

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