Bill Zygouris (CLASS OF 2016, IB Diploma Programme) working with Project “Talaria”

IB DP graduate, Bill Zygouris (Class of 2016), is currently studying Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands and right from the start, his talent and passion for his chosen field was evident as he was chosen as one of 19 EU students to participate in the “Fly a Rocket” project organized by the European Space Agency in Norway.

Today, Bill is part of Project Talaria – where 33 top TU Delft students from across faculties including Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Design Engineering and Applied Earth Sciences have been invited to develop a working prototype of a personal flying device, at the forefront of innovation in aviation industry.  The team is conducting research and exploring a new field called, “Urban Air Mobility” and the project mission is to design and build an electric ultra-compact, low-noise, high-performance device capable of vertical take-off and landing in urban areas.

Keep up the outstanding work, Bill!

Once again, you have made the CGS community very proud!

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