Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics is an exciting and admirable sport. It plays a major role in a person’s development, as it involves intense movement, which creates happy children who have courage, boldness, strength and stamina.

Artistic gymnasts are distinguished for the beauty and elasticity of their movements, dogged will-power, fair judgement and self-confidence. This sport offers fun and pleasure. It is an activity where fair play plays a prominent role. Artistic gymnastics exercises help children develop the perfect body shape, as their body is trained in a balanced. So, after proper and careful training, we manage to acquire great neuromuscular ability and assimilation. An essential prerequisite for the development of fitness skills is discipline, patience, effort, attention, but, above all, love and self-concentration in what we do and what we want to achieve.

Artistic gymnastics is one of the sports that a child can start from a very early age. At first, the young athletes “play” with the equipment used with gymnastics, while developing their mental and physical skills. The goal is the correct and progressive learning of the basic exercises, where, with methodical teaching and good physical and psychological preparation, the desired result is achieved.

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