CGS at the 13th Global Issues Network annual conference

For the sixth consecutive year, the students of the Global Issues Network (GIN) club represented our school and our country at the annual GIN conference in Luxembourg on 7 -10 March 2018. The topic of the conference this year was Facilitating Sustainable Change with Environmental and Social Initiatives.

Initially, the GIN team presented a series of actions which the group had carried out after the end of last year’s conference, inspiring students and teachers alike to find viable solutions to problems that concern the global community.

The GIN students presented the subject The Devil Wears Polos, which addressed the environmental and social problems arising from the fashion industry. In particular, environmental pollution, labour exploitation, as well as companies whose workforces are composed of children and poor people working on meagre wages in appalling conditions, emerged through the presentation.

The GIN team not only sensitized the audience that attended, but also offered solutions to address the problems associated with the otherwise glamorous fashion world. At the end of the conference, it pledged to take new actions, contributing to the solution of the problem it had presented.

It is worth noting that all members of the GIN club participated actively in the group’s actions and contributed to our school’s excellent presentation at the conference.

This particular presentation touched everyone who attended it and gave them food for thought. Congratulations to all the students involved!


Student delegation:

  1. Maria-Violeta Lopez-Ibanez ( MYP Year 3)
  2. Niki Ktistaki ( MYP Year 3 )
  3. Despoina Petrou ( MYP Year 3)
  4. Dimitris Viskos ( MYP Year 4 )
  5. Athina Vyrgioti ( MYP Year 4 )
  6. Nikolaos Ioannou ( MYP Year 4)
  7. Antonios Papachristou ( MYP Year 4)
  8. Eva Manologlou ( MYP Year 5)

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