CGS Basketball

Love and a responsibility towards children lay behind the decision taken by CGS and Nick Boudouris to collaborate in creating the Basketball Academy. The goal was to create an Academy entirely devoted to basketball where young athletes/students learn how to play. Our main concern is for children to become acquainted with specific aspects of our favourite sport in addition to learning to love sport and to understand, through the game, how important it is to our lives, values, morals and principles.

The programme includes:

  • Learning of basic basketball techniques
  • Teaching and supervision by qualified staff
  • The provision of equipment and kits
  • Guided tours of major sports clubs and attendance at official basketball games
  • Meeting professional athletes and coaches
  • Seminars in sports nutrition- child psychology conducted by top scientists

CGS students already participate in the Elite Athlete Programme, a pioneering, tailor-made programme that enables secondary school students to combine their academic programme with morning and afternoon basketball training sessions.

For more information, please contact the Smart department on 210 6030411-18

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