CGS IB Diploma Programme Results

Exceptional results once again this unusual year

Heartfelt congratulations to our students for their exceptional results in the IB Diploma.  We are most proud of their accomplishments and wish them every success in their new academic life.

Our students’ results, particularly given this year’s unusual circumstances, reflect their disciplined efforts and sense of commitment to their goals during the last two years. They also reflect our IB DP teachers’ depth of knowledge and experience which led to exceptional coursework and accurate predictions.

Another important factor was the excellent historical and statistical data of the CGS IB Diploma Programme that the IBO had at its disposal. Accolades to our IB DP teachers for their vital role in this success!

An overview of our 2020 results:

  • 100% of our students were awarded the IB Diploma (world average is 79%)
  • The highest score achieved in the IB Diploma was 45 points out of 45! A score achieved by only 0.21% of candidates around the world.
  • The average IB Diploma score at CGS is 36.5 points, significantly higher than this year’s world average at 29.9.
  • 37% of our students achieved an overall score of 40 and above, where the world average is 9.4 %.
  • 30% of our students were awarded 3 Bonus Points from their Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay, much higher than the world average of 9%.
  • 96% of our students were admitted to their first choice university

Results and university admission as of 28.08.2020

/45 Degree Choice University
45 Computer Science 1 Imperial College London
44 Politics and International Relations 1 UCL
43 Mathematics 1 Imperial College London
43 Chemical Engineering w. Industrial Experience 1 University of Manchester
43 Physics 1 University of Edinburgh
41 Medical Biosciences 1 Imperial College London
41 Psychology 1 University of Bath
41 International Business w. Year in Industry 1 University of Kent
40 Sport and Exercise Science 1 University of Bath
40 Mechanical Engineering w. Industrial Experience 1 University of Manchester
38 English and European Law 1 Queen Mary University of London
38 Physiotherapy 1 Oxford Brookes University
38 Psychology 1 University of Kent
37 Mathematics and Economics 1 Fordham University
36 Law 1 University of Kent
36 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1 University of Surrey
35 International Business 1 University of Kent
34 Psychology w.  Placement Year 1 University of Kent
33 Graphic Design 1 De Monfort University
33 Computer Science 1 Royal Holloway, University of London
32 Computer Science 2 University of Dundee
32 Film Practice 1 University of the Arts London
30 Mechanical Engineering 1 Eindhoven University of Technology
29 Mechanical Engineering 1 University of Brighton
28 English Literature, Language and Linguistics 1 Oxford Brookes University
27 Business 1 Furman College
27 Tourism Studies 1 Tour Guide School, Ministry of Tourism

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