At Costeas-Geitonas School, counseling and psychological support is an important part of the learning process. Under the guidance of the Special Educational Needs Coordinator, teachers and parents alike learn how to help young learners develop personal life skills to becoming capable, happy people.  The role of the counselor-psychologist includes:

Student Support

  • Psychological support for the transition to school life.
  • Individual or group sessions for social inclusion at school.

Collaboration with Teachers

  • Informing teachers on any emotional or developmental issues
  • Working with teachers to resolve any issues in interpersonal relationships both in and outside the school environment
  • Classroom observation and team dynamics
  • Organizing presentations on psychological and educational topics

Collaboration with parents

  • Counseling parents on issues affecting the child.
  • Counseling and guidance on the transition process and separation stress.
  • Organizing seminars, lectures and workshops for parents.

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