Greek Language & Culture Workshop – CGS Foreign Languages Club

Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce the availability of the Greek Language and Culture Workshop as part of the Foreign Language Club’s workshop family.

This workshop offers students that have previously attended schools with an instructional language other than Greek, the possibility to broaden their knowledge of the Greek language and culture and enhance their communicative skills in speech and writing. A well-structured and concise syllabus will aid students in not only coping with the material of their respective classes, but in exceling and enjoying the process of learning without having to worry about a language barrier. This workshop is aimed at Primary School students of foreign descent or Greek descent that have been previously taught in a language other than Greek.

The workshops take place on the following days as an extracurricular activity and students have the possibility to return home by bus.


Class Days

1st to 3rd Class: Mondays and Thursdays (4h workshop)

4th to 6th Class: Wednesdays (2h workshop)


For more information and/or to express interest in the workshop please contact:

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