IB PYP Exhibition 2022

The IB PYP Exhibition is the culmination of the IB Primary Years Programme. It is carried out by pupils in Year 6 and marks the transition from IB PYP Primary to IB MYP Secondary Education, from general knowledge to specialisation.

Its main and primary objective is the application of methods and various skills (research, critical thinking, presentation and communication skills) by students in the interdisciplinary unit “How we share the Planet”.

Students carry out research into the rights and responsibilities we have in the struggle to share the finite resources in nature with other people and other living things, communities and the relationships that develop between them, equal opportunities and the possibilities we are given (towards the environment), and the maintenance of a peaceful coexistence.

The research process is largely defined by the pupils themselves as:

– they choose their topic.

– they define the main idea and the lines of inquiry.

– they identify reliable sources to use in their research.

– they analyze and synthesize data and information by demonstrating critical thinking.

– they decide how to present the findings of their research.

– they take action.

It is a day of celebration where our pupils share with the school community (parents, teachers, fellow pupils, etc.) their findings and what they have learned in PYP.


IB PYP Exhibition – Exhibition of Research Projects by Year 6 pupils

12th – 14th April

CGS Auditorium

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