Lecture by Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover

On November 29th, IB Diploma students and teachers from CGS were invited to attend a special lecture by Nobel Laureate, Aaron Ciechanover.  Awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004, Professor Ciechanover spoke most eloquently about his life’s work as a physician, a researcher and a scientist.  Speaking directly to the students, his inspiring words of advice were simple and direct – to pursue their own personal passion in their chosen field of study wherever it would take them and to always remain committed to what they truly love in life.  Reflecting on his own experience of studying and working abroad and afterwards returning to Israel, he emphasized the great importance for young people to bring their knowledge and expertise back to their homeland, a meaningful message for our young Greek students.  Undoubtedly, the event highlight was Professor Ciechanover showing the audience his Nobel Prize medal where he explained the symbolic significance of the image engraved on the medal: Nature, emerging from the clouds with a cornucopia in her arms, and Science lifting the veil from her face, with an inscription that reads, “It is beneficial to have improved life through discovered arts.”  An unforgettable experience for students and teachers alike, we look forward to participating to similar events in the future.

Inventas vitam iuvat excoluisse per artes

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