The Purchase and Installation of a Water Tank in Kenya by the GIN club

“I wish you knew how happy you made us”

The Global Issues Network (GIN) club aims to shape active citizens who work together locally and internationally to find sustainable solutions to problems faced by the global community.

Last year at the annual Global Issues Network conference in Luxembourg, the CGS team presented the decisive role that education can play in gender inequality. At the end of the conference, our club committed itself to helping to solve this problem through a series of social actions.

Inspired by the voluntary work of Denia Fragkia, the GIN team committed themselves to raising money for the purchase and installation of a large water tank in the Kenyan village of Kibiku, where a Maasai tribe resides. During the CGS MUN conference in December 2017, GIN members managed to raise approximately € 1000, which was sent to the Kibiku community. With the help of Ms. Fragkia and in collaboration with the residents of the community, the 10,000-liter water tank, which will be filled with rainwater, was purchased immediately and installed in the village. This action will improve the living conditions of an entire community by allowing its inhabitants access to clean drinking water as well as facilitate the admission of children to school as children who do not adhere to basic hygiene rules are refused access to it.

From the very first moment, the residents were excited and do not stop expressing their gratitude in a multitude of ways.

“Thank you for the love and care you have for our community”, “I wish you could just know how happy you have made us”, “Sincere happiness from us to CGS” are some of the touching words that inspire the GIN club to continue its valuable work.

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