What year did you graduate from the IB Diploma?
In 2012.

What are you studying and where?
I am studying Molecular Genetics at the University of Edinburgh.

So, Melina what’s you news?
During my time at Edinburgh, I have been volunteering in the Goodrich Lab
studying epigenetics and plant development. In 2014, I participated in the
summer undergraduate research program at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
in New York and worked on a research project in the Timmermans Lab on
microRNA-Argonaute associations in maize. This summer, I participated in
an undergraduate programm at Caltech and did a project on the effect of
mechanical stresses on microtubules in Arabidopsis in the Meyerowitz lab.
Right now, I am starting my honors’ project in the Sawin Lab at Edinburgh!

What’s next for you?
I would like to continue my studies and get my PhD and so now I am
currently applying to PhD programs in Cell Biology.

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