What year did you graduate from the IB Diploma?
I graduated in 2013.

What University do you attend, where and what are you studying?
UCL (University College London) in London, of course!
Master of Pharmacy (MPharm).

Are you involved in any exciting research, special groups, projects etc.?
I ran my own project during the past summer in the cosmetics department of
the multinational company, PZ Cussons. This company holds a leading role on both
personal care and cosmetics market in the UK. My project was on Carex, a new bodywash;
testing product stability using different UV inhibitors and choosing the most efficient one.
I have to consider cost-effectiveness ratio but also the fact that the same product has to be
launched in many different markets arround the world… Asia, Europe and Australia.

What’s next for you?
After studying Pharmacy for the past 2 years I would like to work in industry and pursue a
different path than expected for my degree. I have considered doing another Master’s degree
in marketing after I finish my course which would give me a better understanding of how to
apply my scientific background more efficiently in a business orindustrial context.

For now i have been already offered a position from the same company, PZ Cus- sons,for next
summer in the Marketing Department of the cosmetic team in London. At the same time I am
working on securing a job with the pharmaceutical company Merck which would be a great
personal achievement.

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