What year did you graduate from the IB Diploma?
I graduated in 2011.

What did you study and where?
I studied Computer Science at Harvard University in Boston.

Stella, tell us about any exciting projects, groups you were part of.
At Harvard, I became passionate about Data Systems and joined the Harvard DASlab. My research on Column Store systems was recently published at SIGMOD, the international conference on Databases. In my free time I helped promote mental health awareness on campus though a texting app and worked on my startup, GiftGuru, a gift recommendation system that made it to the semi-finals at Harvard’s Innovation Competition in 2014. Finally, I served as president of the Harvard Hellenic Society and organized several conferences and social events to bring students of Greek descent together to share Greek culture with the larger Harvard community.

What’s next for you?
I currently work as a Systems Engineer for Hewlett Packard’s Big Data division, where I continue my work on Data Systems as part of the Query Engine team. At HP, I am leading the Research Reading group and also chair the executive committee of DataGals, an organization that supports Women in Tech within HP. In my free time I volunteer for Boroume, the Greek NGO for the reduction of food waste.

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