CGS Connected:

A parent’s survival guide

CGS Connected As part of the national effort to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), CGS operates CGS Connected, a distance learning and information system for its entire school community. CGS Connected consists of a tried and tested combination of methods and tools with which teachers and students can continue to work from home while parents can contact teachers and services of our school. Regardless of its state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, CGS is a school which focuses on relations with people. At the core of our educational work lies the cooperation of the teacher with the student and the parent, and, in our opinion, nothing can replace human contact. With CGS Connected, both in its current form and the way we develop it with new digital tools and protocols, we are not attempting to replace this contact, but to replace it in the best possible way until we can be close-by once again.

A. Asynchronous Learning

  1. Every teacher (Primary School and Secondary school) uploads educational material through ManageBac and Office 365, related to the subject they are teaching.
  2. Each level proposes to students and / or parents educational activities that are designed in collaboration with CGS for Student Success. These activities have the following characteristics:
  • They are related to the curriculum and, therefore, have a specific purpose
  • They promote creativity
  • They promote an inquiry-based approach in a different learning environment.

Β. Synchronous Learning

  1. The Digital Β. Synchronous Learning


  • Real-time Teaching through the use of Microsoft Teams, according to the department or in smaller groups (the timetable of each grade will be followed)
  1. Tutoring
  • Primary School: teacher communication with students in small groups to explain material or activities, maintain contact, answer queries and offer encouragement
  • Secondary School: communication between each tutor and their tutees in order to maintain contact, answer queries and to offer both encouragement and time management support
  1. Real-time seminars, conducted through Microsoft Teams, according to the department, class or group of students and / or parents.


  • CGS for Student Success, April 2020, ​ “Discovering Our Children’s  Skills and Interests” – a seminar for parents on the functioning and development of the Brain
  • CGS for Student Success, Creative Thinking Seminar, for junior high school students
  • CGS for Student Success, Career Choices Seminar, for grade 10 students

C. Services offered at a distance

Use of modern tools for interviews, evaluations, appointments such as:

  • Online Interviews for Grade 10 / IB MYP Year 5 students for admission to the IB Diploma Programme
  • Updating prospective parents through Office 365
  • Becoming acquainted with and Assessment of Students through Online Communication Applications

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