Elite Athlete Programme


The Junior Elite Athlete Programme and the Elite Athlete Programme are the only tailor-made educational programmes offered in Greece for students who combine high academic achievement with top athletic performance.

Along with the provision of high quality educational services, CGS has introduced two innovative programmes, the Junior Elite Athlete Programme (for Junior High School students) and the Elite Athlete Programme (for Senior High School students).

Through the close collaboration between the academic and athletic faculties of our school, these two personalised programmes have been adopted, giving students of outstanding academic and athletic abilities the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

The pioneering Junior Elite Athlete Programme is based on the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme whereas the Elite Athlete Programme is based either on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or on the Greek Senior High school (General Lyceum). Both programmes provide the students with the opportunity to train in their chosen sports on a daily basis and under the supervision of top coaches.

Mr. Ion Milias, Physical Education teacher and former water-skiing and skiing champion, is the Head of the Elite Athlete Programme.

The Elite Athlete Programme caters for:

  • MYP Junior High School pupils (Junior Elite Athlete Programme), Greek Senior High school (General Lyceum) students and IB Diploma Programme students (Elite Athlete Programme).
  • Students with high academic achievement.
  • Athletes who have performed well and received distinctions in the following sports:




Water polo


Track and Field




  • Athletes with ambitious goals and exemplary conduct, both within and outside the school.


The Elite Athlete Programme offers a flexible curriculum in order to accommodate both training and participation in matches. The programme is run by leading coaches and support team consultants and provides:

  • morning training sessions which are held up to a maximum of 6 hours per week depending on the sport and the age of the participant. *
  • reduced tuition fees, which include the students/athletes transport to and from home or to the venue of their afternoon training by school bus as well as lunch in the school dining hall on the days when morning training sessions are held at CGS.
  • a personalised approach to the monitoring of the academic progress of students according to their specific needs.
  • courses in the afternoon to make up for missed lessons (after consultation with the relevant principal and the students’ counsellors/teachers – tutors).
  • guidance and counselling on prospective careers and specializations, universities and countries of study.
  • courses in techniques, tactics, conditioning , emotional support and diet
    *The frequency and intensity of the sessions are decided by the coaches of the specific sports, in collaboration with the coaches responsible for the school’s sports teams.
  • For the Elite Athlete Programme to run, a minimum number of participants per sport must be met. Conversely, a maximum number of participants per sport and a maximum number of students/athletes per level or class are set.
  • To be admitted to the programme, a student/athlete must pass a diagnostic test in the courses provided in the morning programme.
  • Additionally, a student/athlete is assessed on their athletic ability and requires the approval of the coach responsible for the chosen sport.
  • One requirement for a student/athlete to remain in the Elite Athlete Programme is for them to maintain high academic and athletic performances as well as to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner. Students participating in the programme are reassessed both academically and athletically annually.
  • Participation in the Elite Athlete Programme is reviewed using stringent criteria when students move either from the Junior High School to the Senior High School or from grade 10 to the IB Diploma Programme.
  • In collaboration with the relevant Sports Federations, the families and coaches of participants attending the Elite Athlete Programme must inform and promptly excuse absences due to participation in competitive matches.
  • Participants in the Elite Athlete Programme are required to take part in ASIS competitions (competitions organised by private schools in Greece) and in official school games.
  • CGS is not responsible for training sessions cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.


Information:     info@cgs.grelite@cgs.edu.gr

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