Middle School / IB MYP

All IB programmes strive to create lifelong learners, with the skills necessary to succeed in a changing world.The IB MYP (International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme) is a course for 11-16 year-olds and it is specifically designed with the needs of students of this crucial age in mind.

It follows on from the PYP (Primary Years Programme) and lays the foundation for the DP (Diploma Programme), but is also a complete programme in its own right. Therefore, students are equally able to take the GenikoLykeio programme and sit the Panhellenic exams.

At Costeas-Geitonas School (CGS), it is offered as a four-year course (ages 12 to 15) and is completed in MYP year 5, (A’ Lykeiou/Grade 10). Costeas-Geitonas is an authorized IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) World School since January 2014.

The MYP provides a curriculum framework for students, which is organised around eight subject group areas. These are: Language and Literature (Modern Greek at CGS), Mathematics, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Language Acquisition (English, French, German and Spanish at CGS), Arts, Physical and Health Education and Design. Every student studies each of the eight subject groups, which is taught and assessed in accordance with IB MYP guidelines and regulations.

Personal Project
In addition to the subjects, all students have to complete a Personal Project during the final year of the MYP.  At CGS, preparations for this begin towards the end of MYP 4 (C’ Gymnasiou/Grade 9), at which time there is also a presentation for parents by the MYP Coordinator and the PP Coordinator.
Moderation occurs in the final year of the programme (MYP 5 – A’ Lykeiou/Grade 10), where teachers send samples of students’ Personal Projects for checking by the IB.

Global Contexts
Within the IB MYP, there are six Global Contexts. These are broad contexts through which units of study are created providing relevance to the learning.  For example, the Global Context, Fairness and Development, might be explored through Individuals and Societies in understanding the role of women in development OR the same context might be used in statistics unit in Mathematics.

Approaches to Learning
Each student acquires a broad range of skills known as Approaches to Learning (ATL). These include essential skills and attitudes that all students need to develop in order to become successful learners.  These are incorporated into each subject, and culminate in the Personal Project.

Service as Action 
Service  as Action is a core component of the IB MYP, students are expected to take action based on their learning either through teacher supported or student initiated actions.  They record and reflect on their Service as Action learning on Managebac and these reflections and activities are managed by the SaA Coordinator.

If you have any questions about the programme please contact:

MYP Coordinator
Ms. Jenny Matsota – tmatsota@cgs.edu.gr

Personal Project
Maria Zachariadou – mzachariadou@cgs.edu.gr

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