Programming & the Induction Process

At CGS the induction of a new student into the Second Foreign Language classes involves a series of steps in order for the student to join the level best suited for them and to be able to integrate quickly but also smoothly to the pace of their new class.

Of particular importance in this process is the analytical recording of a new student’s linguistic background in terms of their knowledge of the Second Foreign Language. This is accomplished through the following steps:

a). a personal interview with the student and their parents in order to assess their linguistic abilities according to the goals of the class which they are about to join,

b). a graded test to accurately assess the student’s language level.

  1. These 2 tools permit the Foreign Language department to evaluate young learners in all language skills as defined by both the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the IB PYP (Writing, Speaking and Reading Comprehension).
  2. If a student has not previously been taught the second foreign language of their choice, additional support is provided on a personal level within the classroom, as well as the student being offered the possibility of personalized support teaching in the extra-curricular programme (Foreign Language Club).

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