One of the prime objectives of the philosophy of the PYP Programme is the holistic development of skills through a variety of stimuli. Within this framework, Clubs for Primary School students with diverse interests are run.

Through actively participating in the Clubs, all students have the opportunity to:

  • develop new interests
  • cultivate their creativity and critical thinking
  • deal with issues that are of interest to all students
  • broaden their horizons
  • discover and develop particular gifts, skills and talents
  • “specialize” in their areas of interest
  • develop initiative and team spirit simultaneously


Operation – Participation [ PYP Years 1 to 4]

The Clubs for PYP Years 1 to 4 operate in the morning programme and are run in two cycles during the academic year.

Each student selects 2 options in order of preference for each cycle (October – February / February – May). Since each student can attend two clubs each year, the goal is for the students to join the club of their first choice either in the first or the second cycle.

During the Physical Education lesson, all PYP Year 3 students are tested for their possible participation in the school’s track and field team. Students who are selected automatically cannot participate in an academic group. If a student does not wish to be a member of the school’s track and field team, they are placed according to their choices in the academic group they wish after the Directorate contacts the family.

Operation – Participation [ PYP Years 5 to 6]

The Clubs for Years 5 and 6, which include the School Teams, operate in the morning programme and run from October to May.

Each student selects 3 options in order of preference. Since each student can attend one club every year, the goal is for them to join their first preference. A student choosing to participate for one of the School Teams is tested by the respective coach at a scheduled time in the morning programme.

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