New Students Admission Programme (Nursery – Pre-Kindergarten – Kindergarten – Year 1 Primary School)

We are all well aware that the first days of school are full of unprecedented images and experiences for children. In order to make their induction a pleasant process, the Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Year 1 Primary School teachers organize the following in cooperation with the school psychologists:

  • Induction Day for the Child with Kindergarten teachers and Year 1 Primary School teachers involving educational games and activities. Throughout the day, parents are more than welcome to communicate with their child’s kindergarten teachers or primary school teachers with the aim of developing a mutually beneficial climate of trust for future cooperation.
  • Visiting and familiarizing the children with the facilities and classes of the Kindergarten and Year 1 Primary School.
  • Activities designed to enhance the students’ familiarisation with the various educational fields.
  • An opportunity for the children to get to know the school psychologists for their psychological and pedagogical support.
  • Open line of communication between parents and school psychologists.
  • Seminar on “Preparing my child for Year 1 Primary School” or “Preparing my child for Kindergarten”, with the aim of involving parents in the smooth integration of their children.
  • The first day of school is devoted to the development of the children’s relationships with one another and with teachers through activities during which the students are encouraged to communicate and become acquainted with one another.
  • Buddy System. CGS has adopted an induction programme for Year 1 Primary school students and Kindergarten students with Year 6 students and IB students, respectively. In particular, students at our school become acquainted with their “BIG” friends and with the amenities and routines of the school, always with the help and involvement of all the teachers of their respective classes. This experience is worthwhile for our students and is the beginning of a very “special” friendship!

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