SMART (Sports – Music – Arts – Recreations of Tomorrow)

CGS offers a wide range of activities allowing students to discover not only their innate talents, which they can develop professionally later on, but also  pursue hobbies and finally develop  well-rounded personalities. CGS boasts state-of- the-art sports facilities, computer labs, a Stem lab, a Conservatory, a Visual Arts Room and students are encouraged to utilise these facilities both in and outside of school hours. Furthermore, it collaborates with top athletes and sporting associations such as the Nikos Boudouris Basketball Academy and the Juventus Soccer School.


Dining Room

The school dining room serves our students full course meals. Guided by the nutritional needs of the children and under the guidance of a nutritional expert, the restaurant prepares hearty, balanced and delicious meals on the school’s premises daily.  The meals are made with fresh, carefully selected ingredients (it should be noted that nuts are not used). Seasonal vegetables are organically-grown. The weekly menu is designed taking into account the children’s preferences, but it also ensures that the children are introduced to a variety of flavours over time.

Operating on every level of the school, the school canteens offer a variety of snacks and beverages. All items on sale comply with state regulations.

On birthdays or name days, light and healthy treats are permitted. It is recommended that fruit platters or light snacks be offered instead of chocolates or very sweet snacks.

In the primary school and at all subsequent levels, cakes that require serving are not allowed. Treats containing nuts are not permitted in order to protect children who are allergic.


Day-Care Programme

The Day-Care Programme caters for Nursery School children and other pupils up to grade 6, according to age. The programme includes a series of activities such as library visits, film screenings, music, board games and unstructured free play, depending on the age group of the pupils, but always under the supervision of qualified staff.

Pupils may either dine in the school dining hall or bring their own lunches.

During the programme, pupils have the opportunity to complete their homework in an organized study room under the supervision of the head of the day-care programme. Parents are responsible for monitoring their child’s assignments after the end of the day-care programme. The head of the day-care programme provides a safe environment for participants and informs parents of disciplinary issues.

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