One of our school’s fundamental aims is to educate our students in the arts and culture. Our students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of art programmes taught by experienced artists/educators. Special attention is paid to the design of the educational programme according to the age of the individual student. Consequently, learning becomes a richly rewarding experience.

Arts on SMART - Afternoon zone


«The Musical» at the CGS Conservatory

for IB PYP Year 4, 5 and 6 students, as well as IB MYP students.

Discover the magic of Theatre combined with Music!

This year the CGS Conservatory offers courses in the teaching and experience of the Musical through shows.

Over the last ten years, the Musical has attracted many new listeners / audiences in our country as well as in other European countries. It is currently taught as a basic form of music / theatre education in conservatories and academies. It is a very direct, expressive and versatile musical art. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to sing, how to express themselves through drama and dance – all at the same time.

Courses commence: Tuesday 1st October.

Information & Application Form :

Conservatory Secretariat CGS: 210 6030603,

“There is a need to reinforce the sensitivity, reflexes, the simultaneous use of logic and imagination, the mental balance of our young people and future citizens , through lessons in aesthetics. Primarily, whatever we do is aimed at cultivating the soul, which offers multiple benefits to our children’s characters. This plays a very significant role in their education.

So, let’s give it a try! “

Efi Agrafioti

Artistic Director CGS Conservatory


“There is no depth to education without art”

Amiri Baraka


Drama is undoubtedly an integral part of the educational process as it provides a variety of incentives for students to express themselves freely and to act, while cultivating skills and acquiring extensive, knowledge.

In particular, with the teaching of Drama, students:

  • Gradually develop their means of expression so that they can communicate their ideas and feelings in different ways
  • Cultivate their imagination and creativity through improvisation games
  • Develop their memory and critical thinking by analyzing corresponding theatrical texts
  • Explore the capabilities of the body and their senses through a variety of exercises employing different technical methods
  • Understand more deeply the historical and socio-political context of each era as evidenced by the theatrical texts they process
  • Cultivate their empathy and accept differences
  • Learn to work harmoniously in groups, participating together in the creation of performances or joint actions
  • Understand the various facets and many different aspects of an idea by analyzing the characters and choices of theatrical heroes
  • Cultivate their self-confidence and self-esteem in a safe and protected environment
  • Cultivate their aesthetic criteria, their emotional intelligence and enrich their experiences


Through drama workshops, our students feel much more strongly the need to participate in group activities, take initiatives and express themselves better and more effectively by proposing creative solutions to the problems that arise.

And as characteristically mentioned in “Performing together: The Arts and Education” published by The American Association of School Administrators, “The Alliance for Education and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 1985”:

“The future of our nation depends on our ability to create-and to be creative. During the coming decades our most important national resources will be human resources. If our nation is to continue to meet the challenges of the future, today’s schools need to develop creative leaders.”

Once Upon A time


Aimed at Pre-school & Kindergarten students/IB PYP


This small drama and oral language development workshop is part of the afternoon SMART zone (15:00 – 17:00).

The project leader is Elena Papaioannou, a CGS Kindergarten teacher.

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten/IB PYP students are offered the opportunity to discover artistic paths of expression and imagination through the rich and imaginative world of fairy tales!

Through both imaginative ways and creativity, we are led to new moments of learning!

Our young artists are led from recitation to design making, from the creation of a sound or painting to expressing themselves with their bodies, from a meeting to free play, to group improvisation!

“Exercises” full of music and “colour”, improvisation, puppet theatre and dance …

With a sprinkling of magic, all these are our moments that begin just like in fairy tales, starting with “Once upon a time…”



Registration for the activity can be done through the Openapply platform by completing the appropriate field in the Afternoon Zone – SMART “Arts” category.

Art Workshop

In the art workshop which operates at CGS within the framework of the SMART Extra-Curricular programme, we use what one can think of so that students can express their feelings and bring objects and images from their imaginations into our world. Our goal is to teach children that in the field of painting and art, in general, everything can be done and everything can be corrected and developed. Through art, they learn to overcome obstacles and capture their imaginations on canvas. Art is independent, it has no limits or rules, and it has no right or wrong.

Through the Workshop, students come into contact with various forms of visual arts, try styles, undertake individual and group art projects, whilst connecting the visual arts with their lessons in an interdisciplinary fashion. Throughout the year, visits to exhibitions and artists’ workshops are undertaken, and exhibitions are organized with students’ work.

For more information, contact Smart on the following number: 210 6030411-18


The art of Ceramics has been an integral part of Greek culture since antiquity. Centuries ago, Greeks were famous potters, who made wonderful vases in various forms and for many uses. From the paintings on pottery, which drew themes from history, mythology and the daily activities of our ancestors, we have valuable information about the life and work of the ancient Greeks. Respecting Greek tradition, CGS has created the “Ceramic Workshop” in order to give students the opportunity to come into touch with one of the oldest Greek arts, but also to develop their skills and imagination through the joy of creation. In the early stages of contact with the “Ceramic Workshop”, the child masters those techniques that turn a simple piece of clay into an admirable object of practical use. These techniques are the basis for the construction of any ceramic object. The students also learn the correct use of colors and the processing of baking ceramic objects in a kiln

At a more advanced level, the student becomes acquainted with coating with special ecologically-friendly materials (namely, enamel and glass) that give the vessels their shine and the completion of their construction. At the end of each academic year, representative samples of each student’s skill are exhibited in a specially designed and elegant space. In this way, the students share the joy of creation both with the teachers of our school and with their parents and the visitors to the Exhibition.

For more information, contact the Smart Secretariat ( ) tel. 210 6030411-18 (ext.955)

Classical ballet

Classical Ballet is the basic dance education and the most complete study of body training. It is a way of expressing emotions and creativity. Its purpose is to cultivate a sense of rhythm and harmony of movement. Discipline, cooperation and expressiveness are cultivated through the systematic contact with ballet.

From Kindergarten to Lyceum the following are taught:

• Classical Ballet: Royal Academy of Dancing System

• Modern Dance: Imperial Society of Dancing System

• Contemporary Dance: Basic Principles of Contemporary Dance (Martha Graham and José Limón)

At the end of each academic year, Open Lessons and Dance Performances are organized during which all the children participate.


For more information, contact Smart at the following number: 210 6030411-18


Wall painting

This workshop prepares and executes wall paintings. The preparation of the projects is done with drafts on small pieces of paper (e.g. A3) on a scale smaller than the area for which they are intended. Then colors and techniques are decided (e.g. stencils, rollers, brushes, sprays). Finally, the work is executed on a large surface maintaining the proportions of the shapes and the color choices provided in the drafts.

The aim of the workshop is to cultivate creativity, design skills on both a small and large surfaces, as well as the use of many new materials and techniques.

Aimed at students of 4th grade and above

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