With a long and successful history in the field of sports involving the preparation of world-class athletes in their first steps, CGS enables its students to extend their athletic preparation in the extra-curricular zone.

By choosing one or more of the sports or programmes of the school’s Sports Association, young athletes have the opportunity to use, either as a team or individually, depending on the sport, our school’s facilities and to be properly trained by experienced renowned athletes and our coaches-educators.

The programmes vary depending on the age group to which each child belongs

Αθλητισμός στην Απογευματινή Ζώνη - SMART:

Basketball Academy

Love and a responsibility towards children lay behind the decision taken by CGS and Nick Boudouris to collaborate in creating the Basketball Academy. The goal was to create an Academy entirely devoted to basketball where young athletes/students learn how to play. Our main concern is for children to become acquainted with specific aspects of our favourite sport in addition to learning to love sport and to understand, through the game, how important it is to our lives, values, morals and principles.

The programme includes:

  • Learning of basic basketball techniques
  • Teaching and supervision by qualified staff
  • The provision of equipment and kits
  • Guided tours of major sports clubs and attendance at official basketball games
  • Meeting professional athletes and coaches
  • Seminars in sports nutrition- child psychology conducted by top scientists

CGS students already participate in the Elite Athlete Programme, a pioneering, tailor-made programme that enables secondary school students to combine their academic programme with morning and afternoon basketball training sessions.

For more information, please contact the Smart department on 210 6030411-1


As teamwork is an integral part of the sport, volleyball requires collective spirit, harmonious coexistence and solidarity among its athletes. In this way, and like any other sporting activity, it contributes to the smooth integration of the individual into society and to a more mature way of addressing the difficulties of life. Every athlete, and generally any person, with a cultured spirit and tested to withstand moments of tension and often disappointment is more than ready to accept and be accepted by his fellow man. Apart from teamwork, volleyball requires physical fitness, technical training, tactics and physical and mental strength.

At our school, volleyball is offered on a weekly basis and provides children with the opportunity to participate in an enjoyable sport.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Smart department on 210 6030411-18

Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics is an exciting and admirable sport. It plays a major role in a person’s development, as it involves intense movement, which creates happy children who have courage, boldness, strength and stamina.

Artistic gymnasts are distinguished for the beauty and elasticity of their movements, dogged will-power, fair judgement and self-confidence. This sport offers fun and pleasure. It is an activity where fair play plays a prominent role. Artistic gymnastics exercises help children develop the perfect body shape, as their body is trained in a balanced. So, after proper and careful training, we manage to acquire great neuromuscular ability and assimilation. An essential prerequisite for the development of fitness skills is discipline, patience, effort, attention, but, above all, love and self-concentration in what we do and what we want to achieve.

Artistic gymnastics is one of the sports that a child can start from a very early age. At first, the young athletes “play” with the equipment used with gymnastics, while developing their mental and physical skills. The goal is the correct and progressive learning of the basic exercises, where, with methodical teaching and good physical and psychological preparation, the desired result is achieved.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Smart department on 210 6030411-18


The advent of the art of sword-fighting is unknown. Historical records reveal that, as a martial art or sport, fencing has been in existence for at least 3500 years.

In its present form, fencing is a modern sport that dates back about five centuries. The first fencing schools appeared in Europe in the early 16th century. The Italians, Hungarians and French were the first to create three major schools.

Techniques and tactics gradually improved. In 1896, fencing became an Olympic sport at the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens. Since then, it has been included at every Olympic Games. In 1913, the Fédération Internationale d’Escrime  (FIE) was founded.

Fencing offers a comprehensive training of the body as well as a sense of the body, hand-eye coordination and an improvement in balance and rhythm.

Fencing is one of the safest close-contact sports due to the teaching of strict safety rules during the first lessons, the specially constructed materials and the rules of courtesy and respect for the opponent governing the sport.

For further information, please contact the Smart department on 210 6030411-18


Exercise in the form of swimming is one of the most complete fitness solutions since it also enhances the swimmer’s cardiovascular system. Making use of water resistance is the ideal choice for a complete workout without running the slightest risk of injury. Swimming utilises all the muscles of the body without damaging the joints or the spine at all.

The aim of the swimming lesson is to boost a student’s self-confidence, but also has many other benefits such as improving physical fitness, increasing muscle strength and endurance, reducing fat and finally increasing the range of movement and elasticity of the limbs.

There are four basic styles of swimming, which are all taught during the course: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. In addition, students are taught basic water-polo moves and some innovative exercises which help improve motor skills.

For more information, please contact the Smart department on 210 6030411-18


Chess is a two-player strategic board game. It is played on a chessboard, on which the 2 players, facing each other, take it in turns to move either one of the 16 white pieces of the game or the 16 blacks, one by one, based on the rules of the game.

In former times, chess was called “the game of the Kings”. This was due to the fact that for a long time it was the main entertainment of Kings, Popes and Princes, and generally the supreme clergy, the courtiers, the nobles and the rich of both the West and the East. Today, chess is considered the “king of the toys” as it is thought to be the hardest, the most scientific and the most beautiful.

Generally, as a sport, it is a fascinating way of testing the intellectual powers of players who, by applying the rules of the game with accuracy and skill, play on equal terms.

The most important aspect of this game is not so much victory over an opponent as the quality of victory. Enthusiasm for the game lies within those moves that are aimed at predicting an opponent’s next moves, clever combinations and the fine manoeuvres appreciated in “chess thinking” may be more enjoyable than “static” books, paintings and other artistic works.

In general, chess cultivates and develops great skills such as: discipline, will-power, endurance, memory development, readiness, intelligence, logical thinking, or, as formerly called, “the sharpening of the mind”.

For more information, please contact the Smart department on 210 6030411-18

Track and Field

Through track and field, even very young children are able to appreciate the beauty of the classical sports. They learn how to exercise and, simultaneously, develop specific athletic skills.

The coaching that applies to these ages aims at proper technique in basic moves and the development of the neuromuscular system with the creation of as many motor synapses as possible. Values ​​such as rivalry and respect for the athlete are accepted by our young athletes because we approach the difficulties of sports in a student-friendly, pedagogical way tailored to the needs of each child.

For more information, please contact the Smart department on 210 6030411-18


Tennis has its roots in ancient Greece in a 5th Century BC game, played with a large light ball which was hit either with a fist or a shoulder. During the Middle Ages, tennis was developed in the courtyards of the nobility. In its modern form, the sport emerged in Britain in the 1870s. It became popular in the British Empire and spread very quickly all over the world. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) was founded in 1913 and comprises 200 member countries. Tennis was part of the programme of the Olympic Games from 1896 to 1924. It returned to the Games in Los Angeles in 1984 as a demonstration sport, and in 1988 it re-joined the competitive programme as a full medal sport.

CGS students already participate in the Elite Athlete Programme, a pioneering, tailor-made programme which enables them to combine their academic programme with morning and afternoon training sessions at championship level.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Smart department on 210

For further information, please feel free to contact the Smart department on 210 6030411-18

Horse-riding at CGS


Never give up on your horse

because your horse

would never give up on you


This year, weekly tailor-made horse-riding lessons suitable for primary and secondary school children commenced during the SMART extra-curricular activities offered in the afternoon. CGS offers the lessons in collaboration with the Tatoi Jockey Club.

According to psychologists, apart from the benefits to their physical health, horse-riding helps children immensely with their personal development.

More specifically, apart from learning the techniques of the sport, students:

  • Train while simultaneously building up their strength
  • Learn to balance on the horse and generally become familiar with the concept of balance
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for the care of the horse and thus learn to function responsibly in other areas of their daily lives
  • Boost their self-confidence
  • Learn to set goals that they try to achieve by dint of concerted actions (e.g. jumping fences)
  • Familiarize themselves with the concept of risk by learning to respond flexibly to the unpredictable

For all afore-mentioned reasons, horseback riding is a unique opportunity for children to cultivate aspects of their personality as well as to train by significantly improving their physical condition.

Their coach, Iris Androvich, is a former gold, silver and bronze world champion medallist, who has been a member of the Hellenic Equestrian Federation Dressage and in recent years she has been working exclusively on training riders as well as horses at its facilities in Pallini. In 2004, she attended a coaching school held in cooperation with the General Secretariat of Sports during which she received the C class diploma for horse riding instructors.

Don’t follow your dreams
Ride them!

For more information, please contact the Smart department on 210 6030411-18

Triathlon Club

We are delighted to announce the creation of our new Triathlon Club.

Within the framework of sporting activities and in cooperation with the CGS Sports Club, the first sports section combining running, swimming and cycling is finally here.

For the very first time a Triathlon Club has been created on the campus of our school with the support of our new partner, Vasilis Krommyda, who has previously worked as a coach for the Greek Triathlon team and is considered one of the most experienced certified coaches in his field.

Today the Triathlon, the fastest-growing Olympian sport, became an Olympic sport for the first time in Sydney in 2000. The Triathlon is the ideal aerobic sport, because it does not overstrain the body but utilises the majority of the muscle groups in the body.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Smart department on 210 6030411-18.

Juventus Academy Athens

Our goal is to create the best soccer school in the world!

In October 2009, the Juventus Soccer Schools launched its first exclusive international cooperation serving both Greece and Cyprus. Boys and girls aged 5-16 from all over Attica can attend the Academy at CGS. The Juventus method of instruction is a unique model of coaching in which children learn how to play soccer while developing their skills, talents, principles and morals.

It is based on:

  • a scientifically defined educational framework and strict internal rules which protect children according to age.
  • the selection, training and certification of coaches from the Studies Centre of Juventus Soccer Schools (Turin University, Juventus Academy).
  • the regular attendance of the Juventus Academy of Turin technical team in Greece, for the purpose of monitoring and evaluating the training and progress of the children.
  • small groups (of up to 12 children) and instruction aimed at the physical and personal development of each child.

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