Curriculum Framework

The curriculum is followed by students from Pre-Kindergarten to the end of the Primary School.


Through a continuous process of inquiry and study, students understand key concepts, develop skills and attitudes, undertake initiatives and actions and acquire knowledge, by approaching 6 major transdisciplinary themes of global significance:

Who we are

Where we are in place and time

How we express ourselves

How the world works

How we organise ourselves

Sharing the planet

through 6 subject areas (Language; Mathematics; Science; Social Studies; the Arts; Personal, Social and Physical Education).


The Curriculum comprises three interrelated components:

What do we want to learn? The written curriculum – the identification of a framework of what’s worth knowing

How best we learn? The taught curriculum – the theory and application of good classroom practice

How will we know what we have learned?  The assessed curriculum  – The theory and application of effective assessment

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