Bookworms Club

The Bookworms Club helps us make the enjoyment of reading a daily habit!

If I like to read literature, then I can also become a member of the Bookworms Club. How? Easily and in a fun way!!!

  • I visit my school library, where there are special baskets for the bookworms in my class. In them I will find the selected books that are included in the list of books for bookworms. This list, which is different for each year and revised annually, contains over 30 quality age-appropriate books belonging to different genres: classical literature and more recent publications, mystery and humour, history or adventures … so that we can all find something we like.
  • I select one of them and I check it out.
  • When I finish reading each book, I return it to the library and give a short interview to the librarians, discussing its content. Upon completion of this process, the book is recorded on my tab. Once I have completed three books on the tab, I become a member of the Bookworms Club!
  • As a member, I can participate in all the Club activities such as visits to book exhibitions, publishing houses, printing houses, libraries, museums and other book-related spaces, meetings with writers, workshops etc.


At the end of the year and as a member of the Club, I participate in the Bookworms Festival. During this festival, I meet writers, listen to stories and I am awarded a gold, silver or bronze bookworm, depending on the number of books I have read.


Gold bookworms have read from 15 books and more.

Silver bookworms have read from 10 to 14 books.

Bronze bookworms have read from 6 to 9 books.


Since last year,  the Diamond Bookworm award has been established, which, at the end of the 6th grade, I can win for my love of books, if I have been either a gold or silver bookworm from grade 1 to 6.


  • I can also win the Creative Bookworm Award by presenting three or more creative activities in relation to one of the books I have read (for example, I can express my opinion about the book, I can paint something relevant). I can also write my own fairy tale or poem, or do something else that I suggest, if I have some original idea. My works are displayed on the library noticeboard, and who knows … maybe I can present my own story at the Bookworms festival!


And if I do not like reading, it might mean I have not found the right books for me. With so many books on the bookshelves, isn’t it time to experiment?

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