Spanish Language

In the MYP programme, students continue learning Spanish through the IB MYP programmes, while being offered the opportunity to participate in language proficiency exams. A prerequisite for this is their enrolment in the exam preparation courses offered by the Foreign Language Club.

At the same time, as there are classes for beginners, the possibility of learning Spanish is offered to students who do not have prior knowledge of it.

In particular, in grade 7 (MYP Year 2), students attending the exam preparation classes have the opportunity to sit the DELE Escolar A2 / B1 exam.

In grade 8 / MYP Year 3, students are offered the opportunity to sit the exam for the DELE Escolar A2 / B1 certificate and for the DELE B2 certificate in grade 9 / MYP Year 4.

Our aim is for students finishing Junior High School to have acquired basic language acquisition skills in Spanish and to have obtained the DELE B2 certificate which allows students to be admitted to most Spanish-speaking universities without any further language examinations.

The language level acquired enables those who wish to follow the curriculum of the IB Diploma Programme to choose Spanish B, either at Nivel Medio (basic level) or at Nivel Superior (high level).

Regardless of their proficiency in the language or certificates, IB DP students can choose Spanish at the beginner level (Spanish Ab Initio) as Language B.

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