School – Family Communication

Student Agenda

Each student has his/her own diary, in which the teachers write down important information about the child for the day. It is a practical way for parents to be informed of any information that arises from school life and activities.


CGS News

Every month, parents of students receive an electronic newsletter. Through this they are informed about activities, events, celebrations and important dates of the month. Also included is the meal plan for the students’ breakfast and main meal.



In the IB PYP programme, during the school year, each student keeps a personal record, his/her portfolio. The portfolio is a collection of the student’s work. It is a work in progress, constantly growing and showcases in the best way the effort and progress of the student. With the portfolio, the pupil can show his/her work and progress, monitor and evaluate his/her own learning and improvement process. The active involvement and cooperation of the parent throughout this educational process as well as the enjoyable experience of Portfolio Day are a key factor in helping every child feel that there is a strong support to their daily efforts.

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