School – Family Communication

Student Agenda

The student agenda is a means of communicating daily school life to the home.  Both English and Greek teachers use the agenda to document observations and send messages but it can also be used by parents to send written messages or comments.

CGS News

CGS News is a monthly digital newspaper with a review of a month’s past activities, daily school life, events and photographs including learning outcomes, important dates, meal menus and a feedback page…and everything else we want to share with parents.


Within the framework of the PYP programme, every student maintains their own dossier or portfolio, a collection of a young learner’s work.  It is a “living” body of work that grows documenting their personal effort and individual progress in the best possible way.  Perhaps the most engaging part of a portfolio is that it allows children to observe and evaluate their own learning and improvement.  A parent’s active involvement in this learning process culminates in a very enjoyable experience, Portfolio Day where children proudly talk about and present their work.

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