Summer courses

Every year, and immediately after the end of the academic year, the CGS IB Diploma Programme organises intensive summer courses for students who wish to begin the IB the following academic year. They have two main aims:

– To provide students with the prerequisite knowledge for the IB and broaden every student’s knowledge so that they commence the IB programme suitably prepared.

– To provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills regarding the demands of the internal assessment of the IB programme (assignments, extended essay, theory of knowledge, workshops, etc).

Nowadays it has become common practice among IB schools to offer summer course as they contribute to the successful integration of pupils into the IB programme, its mentality and philosophy, and supports pupils who have already completed the first year of the IB.

The courses are taught by experienced IB teachers from all over the world and our school. Many of the teachers are IBO examiners.

The summer courses are open to students attending our school and students from all over the world. The course are taught in small groups so that teachers are able to design tailor-made lessons after first taking into account the individual needs of each student..

Apart from the academic programme and their commitments, students participate in sports, creative activities and field trips.

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