Student Assessment

Student assessment is a process that continues during a student’s final two years of study. Students are evaluated by their teachers daily through tests, oral examinations, presentations and formative assessment. In addition, there are three examination periods for first-year students and two for second-year students, the second of which is the summative assessment.

In May of the second year, final-year students receive grades based on their final exams as well as the external and internal assessments.

Final Examinations
The written exams take place in May and are held on the school premises. Examination materials are sent to the school by the IB Examination Office in Cardiff. The exam papers are corrected by examiners appointed by the IB Agency. A student’s performance in the final exams is of the greatest importance to his/her overall score.

External Assessment
Some assignments such as the Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essay and language assignments are supervised by the school’s teachers but are eventually graded by IB examiners.

Internal Assessment
In all subjects, part of the assessment is done by the teachers, who grade each student’s individual assignments. The assignments include oral examinations in language lessons, projects, portfolios, classroom presentations and labs.

The Scoring Scale
1–7 points in each lesson

  • Additional 3 points (Bonus points) from TOK + EE
  • Based on the 24+ conditions for obtaining the Diploma

For more information about the evaluation in the IB Diploma Programme, please refer to the IB Diploma Programme Assessment Policy.

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