Kindergarten (5-6 years)

Taking into account that the first school period is a unique, special time in a child’s life, we rely on the following pedagogical principles:

  • Each child is unique and individual, with individual learning mechanisms and rhythms.
  • This period has autonomous value and, at the same time, lays the groundwork for later school years.
  • Children learn through exploration, play and discussion.
  • Learning should aim at the child’s all-round, holistic and balanced development.
  • We create an environment that fosters ongoing relationships of safety, trust and understanding.
  • In order for children to feel safe, to be allowed to explore and grow, they need the support and security of a positive relationship with the people who care for them.
  • Children have a great need for socialization and emotional development.
  • Speech development is achieved through discussion, dialogue and oral language activities.

A day in Kindergarten

Mini swimming

The CGS swimming pool is designed to provide high quality programs according to the most innovative methods in the field of swimming for young swimmers. Kindergarteners use the large CGS pool. Contact and familiarity with the water is achieved in a playful way. The training is adapted to the developmental level of each age and is applied using a gentle approach, always respecting the rhythm of each individual child.


Guided by the nutritional needs of the children and under the guidance of the school’s nutritionist Elena Paravanti-Hargitt, delicious balanced meals are prepared daily in the school dining hall facilities, using fresh, strictly selected ingredients (no nuts are used). Seasonal vegetables are organic. The weekly menu is composed taking into account the taste preferences of the children, but making sure that the children gradually and effortlessly discover and appreciate all the flavours. There is also a vegetarian menu option for those parents who so desire.
Treats on children’s birthdays or name days are permitted, and we encourage that the content choice be light and healthy. Prefer fruit platters or light sandwiches instead of chocolate or very sweet snacks. Treats containing nuts are not allowed to protect children with allergies.

Contacting the Nutritionist

The school’s nutritionist Elena Paravanti-Hargitt will answer any questions about your children’s nutrition. You can send your questions to to the attention of the Nutrition Department.


The food that is not consumed in our school dining hall and canteens is offered to our fellow citizens in need, specifically to the PALLINI SOLIDARITY SHELTER that provides food to 55 families and to the charity organization “PLESION” that distributes food to homeless people in the centre of Athens.

Moving on to Primary School | The continuum

By completing their CGS Kindergarten education, the student has all the skills, abilities and required readiness needed to follow the PYP-Primary programme.

Close cooperation between Kindergarten and Primary School as well as the implementation of special programmes help the students make a smooth transition to the next educational level.

The common educational philosophy and continuity of the programmes ensure an effortless transition to the new level. The student gets to know his or her future environment, becomes familiar with the places and faces of the school and adapts faster and better to the new conditions.

In the framework of the continuous cooperation between the Kindergarten and the Primary School, the following activities are carried out:

  • Exchanges of visits by children and teachers between the two levels
  • Participation of kindergarten teachers and primary teachers in joint seminars
  • Joint information and exchange meetings between kindergarten teachers and primary teachers
  • Joint activities and events

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