Recognising that the IB DP programme is one of the most rigorous programmes offered today, CGS has designed the Pre-IB DP programme for students attending grade10 (A’ Lyceum). Students are gradually introduced to the spirit, curriculum and implementation of the IB DP programme while acquiring valuable experience.

By focusing on improving their study habits and general academic performance, students develop a range of academic skills such as critical thinking, written expression and research on the internet which will prove to be indispensable for their success in the IB DP programme.

The courses are taught by experienced IB DP teachers.

Students attend the programme during the extra-curricular programme in addition to the regular morning programme of grade 10 (A’ Lyceum).

Students who attend the Pre-IB DP are under no obligation to attend the IB DP programme.

During the 2nd semester, the programme is adapted to the needs of the students.

Students are offered the opportunity to visit universities in the UK as well as attend talks given by admission officers of universities from abroad while visiting our school.

The Pre-IB DP programme is designed to prepare students academically for the future.

  • It provides students with the pre-requisite academic knowledge for the IB DP programme.
  • Expands the knowledge of each student in specific subjects or units.
  • Familiarises students with subjects or material not taught in Year 10 / MYP 5 (Psychology, Literature, Biology, Fine Arts, etc.).
  • It provides the students with the required knowledge and skills regarding the requirements of the IB Diploma Programme internal assessment (Assignments, Extended Essay, TOK essay, Labs, etc).
  • Improves the level of the students’ English through English-language classes
  • Familiarises students with foreign literature and terminology.

On completion of the Pre-IB DP, students have acquired all the skills, experience and critical thinking required to decide whether they wish to pursue the IB DP programme or High School.

Pre-IB students can attend courses in the following:

  • English
  • Greek
  • History
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Business Administration
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Visual Arts
  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Computer Studies
  • Theory of Knowledge

The students participate in CAS activities and in time management seminars.

IB Diploma Programme teachers supervise the MYP Projects of Pre-IB DP students.

For CGS students:

  • Middle School marks
  • Level of English
  • Test in General knowledge-Critical thinking
  • Interview

For non-CGS students:

  • Diagnostic test
  • Middle School marks
  • Level of English
  • Interview

During the Pre-IB DP programme, parents have the opportunity to attend PTA meetings on the syllabus of each course, the philosophy and teaching methodology of the IB Diploma Programme, the curriculum and the progress of their children.

The Pre-IB DP co-ordinator is Anna Probana email:

Every year, and immediately after the end of the academic year, the CGS IB Diploma Programme organises intensive summer courses for students who wish to begin the IB the following academic year. They have two main aims:

– To provide students with the prerequisite knowledge for the IB and broaden every student’s knowledge so that they commence the IB programme suitably prepared.

– To provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills regarding the demands of the internal assessment of the IB programme (assignments, extended essay, theory of knowledge, workshops, etc).

Nowadays it has become common practice among IB schools to offer summer course as they contribute to the successful integration of pupils into the IB programme, its mentality and philosophy, and supports pupils who have already completed the first year of the IB.

The courses are taught by experienced IB teachers from all over the world and our school. Many of the teachers are IBO examiners.

The summer courses are open to students attending our school and students from all over the world. The course are taught in small groups so that teachers are able to design tailor-made lessons after first taking into account the individual needs of each student..

Apart from the academic programme and their commitments, students participate in sports, creative activities and field trips.

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