Daniel Marks CGS IB Diploma Programme Graduate Admitted to Imperial College London with a perfect IB score of 45!

Daniel Marks is the top academic achiever in this year’s graduating IB Diploma class, scoring a perfect 45 points, a score attained by less than 0.2% of all IB students worldwide. Motivated, focused, and resolute in his goal to study at a top UK university, Daniel is admitted to pursue a degree in Computing at Imperial College London.

Daniel followed perhaps one the most academically rigorous IB subject combinations including Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and English A, all at the Higher Level, with a perfect final score of 7 in each. An accomplished classical pianist, he has performed at numerous concerts and school events over the years with grace and confidence. As he prepares for a demanding university degree in Computing, his acumen in playing difficult pieces is certainly connected to his comprehension of the underlying complex principles in computer science. He makes something intricate seem elegant and simple, a key ability for his chosen field of study.

Daniel, the entire CGS family expresses its sincere congratulations and we are more than certain you will simply excel at Imperial.  We wish you every success and happiness in the future.

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