Educational Programmes Presentations for the academic year 2022 -2023

The aim of the presentations is to provide information about the content, goals and requirements of the programmes so as to ensure a smooth transition to the next academic year.

All presentations are open to parents and students of all CGS levels as well as other schools.

The following is a table with the scheduled presentations:

Date Class
26.1.2022 IB MYP Year 5 IB Diploma Programme 18:00
9.2.2022 Primary Year 6  ΙΒ ΜΥΡ Year 2 18:00
16.2.2022 IB MYP Year 4 IB MYP Year 5 18:00
21.2.2022 IB MYP Year 5 Senior High School Years 11 + 12 18:00
23.2.2022 Nursery school *Primary Year 1 18:00

* The presentation of Primary Year 1 is addressed to CGS parents only.


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Information:, 210 – 6030411

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