4rd CGS Biomedical Engineering Summer Course


Biomedical technology is a rapidly growing industry with unlimited practical applications in the professional field and thus in the real world.

The 3rd CGS Biomedical Engineering Summer Course is an educational programme. Organized by a Greek school for the first time, it is a continuation of last year’s very successful programme.

The programme is offered in collaboration with the Research & Development department of CGS with the 1st ENT Clinic of the University of Athens Medical School and the Laboratory of Biomedical Technology of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.

By attending the educational programme, students will be able to acquire basic knowledge, understand how these two subjects are connected both at the research level and at the practical level and take their first steps in one of the most important sectors of the present and the future.



The programme will take place from Monday, June 29th until Saturday, Jule 4th.

Attendance is mandatory on all 6 days.



The programme is divided into two parts: lectures in the first hours followed by workshops attended by groups of 4-5 people.

The results of the workshops will be presented on the last day of the programme.

The field of biomedical technology is a branch of study that encompasses the branches of medicine, biology and engineering. Biomedical technology attempts to apply the science of biology in order to achieve innovative ideas in medicine through modern technological methods and applications. The main purpose of biomedicine is to ultimately improve the provision of health services. Some of the industry’s best-known achievements are the development of new biocompatible prosthetic capabilities, micro-implants and diagnostic imaging devices. In addition to health care benefits, there are also several occupational branches that are related to biomedicine and which derive from it. Examples include biomedical applications, biomechanics, clinical engineering and medical imaging.

Undergraduate and postgraduate studies in biomedical technology can provide students with the opportunity to design biomedical equipment and products. Students learn to combine knowledge of engineering, biology and medicine with their creativity to develop an eye for detail.

Graduates from the respective schools can work in professions such as biomedical engineering, clinical engineering, biotechnology, medical engineering, research and many other sectors.

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