Extra-curricular Activities

Our extra-curricular activities are innovative, fun and are offered through a variety of approaches.  They combine alternative teaching methods and philosophies with the promotion of our overall aims of Knowledge-Skills-Attitudes-Values-Behaviour.  Although they are not curriculum-driven, they have been inspired by the teachers.

The aims of extra-curricular activities are:

  • To supplement, strengthen and promote the goals of each grade level’s curriculum
  • To help students cultivate special skills
  • To serve as a source of enjoyment following a rigorous academic day

There is a strong element of experiential learning involved in extra-curricular activities since it requires mental and physical participation. It could be said that these activities bring back the “good old days” when children played in neighbourhoods and now it can be done in a well-organised, safe environment.  Whether they participate as an individual or are part of a team, each child has chosen to do so freely enjoying the activity to its fullest.

Since 1975, Extra-curricular Activities provide students with a wide range of choices.  The programme’s cornerstone is the careful and strict selection of appropriate teaching and coaching staff.  Parents can see their child’s gradual progress by attending the “Open Classes Day” and all other, individual special events.

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