For Non-CGS Students

Academic year 2022-23

The scholarships are awarded to students who will attend A’ Gymnasium / MYP Year 2, A’ Lyceum / MYP Year 5 and the IB Diploma Programme for the academic year 2019-2020.

A maximum of five (5) Full Scholarships for A’ Gymnasium / MYP Year 2

A maximum of two (2) Full Scholarships for A’ Lyceum / MYP Year 5

One (1) Full and a maximum of four (4) Full Scholarships for the IB Diploma Programme


  Date of Scholarship Exams (Written component)  Sunday 8 May 2022
  Arrival Time  8.30-9.00 a.m.
  Start Time  9.30 a.m.
  Duration of Written Exams  3 hours (1 hour per subject)

Scholarships for outstanding academic performance are awarded on the basis of the results that candidates achieve in written examinations, and, in the event of a tie, grades obtained in the current and previous years of study, and outcomes of interviews conducted by CGS assessors are also taken into account.

  • The granting of a Full Scholarship requires an average score of 80% or higher (the top 5 candidates with the highest score of over 80%) and success in the personal interview (the student profile is consistent with the International Baccalaureate definition for students attending its programmes).
  • The granting of a Partial Scholarship (30%-80%) requires an average score of 60% or higher (the top 10 candidates with the highest score of over 60%) and success in the personal interview (the student profile is consistent with the International Baccalaureate definition for students attending its programmes).
  • If the criteria are not met, the estimated budget will be allocated according to the performance of the successful candidates.

For more information:

  Α’ Gymnasium Α΄ Lykeio ΙΒ Diploma Programme (Υear1)
Scholarships Applications by 2/5/2022 by 2/5/2022 by 2/5/2022

Applications submitted after the above dates will not be accepted.

In order to appraise a student’s application for the Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Performance, the following is required:

Completion of the Application Form electronically at the link for the Scholarship Competition for the academic year 2022-2023.

The procedure requires the parent / guardian to log in to the account by selecting the Sign In button, located in the top right-hand corner of the web page, then selecting (clicking on) the student name that appears in blue letters in the middle of the screen and finally selecting the Application Form from the list of available actions.

Applications open: Wednesday 9th February 2022

Applications close: Monday 2nd May – 13:00

Candidates who qualify may be required to submit validated documents deemed necessary for the appraisal of the request, such as:

  1. Academic performance (grades) of the candidate of the current and previous school year.
  2. A cover letter setting out the reasons and arguments for which you are applying as well as supporting material for the application. It is especially important to record all the evidence that proves:
  • out-of-school academic performance (e.g. foreign language / IT certificates)
  • distinctions in competitions (e.g. Mathematical Society, Forensics, artistic distinctions, sports distinctions)
  • contribution to school life in various ways (e.g. representing the school in volunteering activities, school events)
  • the development of his personality (e. g. talents and interests)

Written examinations will be conducted for all scholarship candidates.


  Α’ Gymnasium Α’ Lykeio ΙΒ Diploma Programme (Υear1)
Written examinations 8/05/2022, 09.30
(arrival time 08:30)
8/05/2022, 09.30
(arrival time 08:30)
8/05/2022, 09.30
(arrival time 08:30)

Results – Important dates

  • Informing families about their child’s qualification or not for the next stage (personal interviews): An announcement should be expected
  • Interviews of the Candidates with the highest scores: An announcement should be expected
  • Informing families about whether the candidates are nominated for a scholarship and, if so, what percentage: An announcement should be expected
  • Scholarship acceptance deadline: An announcement should be expected

General Notes:

  • To complete the process and the child’s participation in the written exams, the amount of € 30.00 must be paid. In case of cancellation of the child’s participation in the scholarship exams, the amount paid (€ 30.00) is non-refundable.
  • To participate in the exams, candidates must have with them an Identity Card, Passport or Certificate of Identification (ratified by the Citizen’s Customer Service (ΚΕΠ))).
  • The final choice of scholarships is a result of proposals made by the scholarship committee which consists of members of the Administration of the relevant level.
  • Parents will be informed about the quartile in which their children are classified according to their performance in all 3 subjects and not about the specific mark per subject.
  • The decisions taken by the Relief & Scholarship Fund are considered final and irrevocable and will not be subject to any revision or review.
  • Scholarships are valid for all academic years if the beneficiaries:
  1. meet their financial obligations
  2. continue to meet the minimum academic requirements (grade point average above 18.5)
  3. conduct themselves in an exemplary manner and their overall profile is in accordance with what the IB (International Baccalaureate) Organization identifies for students in its programmes.
  4. participate actively in the school community (participation in student competitions, representing the school in voluntary activities, school events, etc.).
  • Students who have secured an academic scholarship in A’ Gymnasium or A’ Lyceum and wish to study in the IB Diploma Programme have the opportunity to maintain the amount of the scholarship equal to what they would have if they attended the General Lyceum or re-participated in Scholarship examinations for the IB Diploma Programme in order to increase their scholarship percentage.
  • Beneficiaries wishing to increase their scholarship rate have the opportunity to re-sit the scholarship examinations in the following years. In this case, the percentage that will apply is based on their performance in the exams of May 23, 2020.
  • The whole procedure of appraising applications and taking decisions is confidential.
  • The scholarship covers only the fees of the morning programme. School bus costs are not included. In addition, the exam fees for the 2nd year of IB-DP are not included.
  • In the case of an academic scholarship, there is no possibility of a further discount due to the pre-payment of tuition fees.
  • The applications, the submitted documents and other supporting documents are “sensitive” personal data and their use is based on their strictly confidential nature.

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