Margarita Chouliara (Class of 2020, Eniaio Lykeio, CGS)

CGS Success!
Margarita Chouliara (Class of 2020, Eniaio Lykeio, CGS)
Awarded Full Scholarship at Augustana University, USA

Heartfelt congratulations to Margarita Chouliara, graduate of the CGS Eniaio Lykeio, (Class of 2020) who has been admitted to Augustana University in the United States for Fall 2020. Margarita’s excellent academic achievements and her personal profile led to her award of The Augustana Scholarship for Academic Merit for the entire duration of her undergraduate studies.
As a top-ranked tennis player, Margarita was signed by Head Coach, Marc Kurtz to the Augustana women’s tennis team with an additional full, four-year Athletic Grant.
Starting this fall, Margarita will major in Exercise Science and Business Administration & Management at Augustana University.
The entire CGS family wishes you every success in your future, Margarita!

You have made us all very proud!

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