The GIN club visits the Ark of the World

“One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.”

On Friday October 20, 2017, the CGS GIN club visited the Ark of the World to offer the stationery that students had collected on the Pan-Hellenic School Sports Day.

Founded by Father Anthony Papanikolaou in 1998, the Ark of the World is a voluntary non-profit organization for Mother and Child Protection. Its purpose is to focus care, support and hope on children either living in single parent families or experiencing the feeling of abandonment. On a daily basis, dozens of volunteers work to provide meals, remedial teaching and a multitude of recreational, sports and other training activities to 400 children.

The GIN club actively participated in this initiative by encouraging CGS students to offer stationery, which they then delivered to the Ark of the World. There, they had the opportunity to chat with the organization’s social worker, who briefed them on the organization’s activities and responded to all their questions. This offer was of practical use and at the same time symbolic as education is the solution to improving the quality of people’s lives in order to ensure a better future.

By dint of this social action, our students became aware of social issues and realized once more that they can make a difference with simple acts of love and generosity. Recognizing the value of volunteering and humanitarian aid, especially in times of crisis, the GIN team is ready to inspire others to follow this example and continue to offer its help to those in need.

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