CGS Kids Virtual Triathlon

True to the team spirit of sport and acutely aware of the pedagogical importance aimed at spreading not only the triathlon but also sports as a lifestyle in general, the CGS Sports Club is organising for the first time in Greece a specially designed Virtual triathlon/duathlon race for children aged 5 to 14 from Friday 19th to 23rd June, 2020.

This race celebrates everybody’s participation success Anywhere, Anytime during this global health crisis.

The race will be held under the aegis of the the National Olympic Academy of Greece and the Greek Federation of Modern Pentathlon.

The main feature of this particular event is the participation of all children with or without previous racing experience, sharing their virtual race accomplishment!

Participants will be charged a nominal fee (5 euros) and all the proceeds of the event will be donated to All Together for the Children – the Association of Non-Profit Societies and Institutions contributing to their cause.

Participants will receive commemorative gifts (special medal, bib number, diploma).

At the end of our race on June 23rd  we will all celebrate International Olympic Day, living the Olympic values.

We participate, we play, we dream, of a better self, of a better world.

As one of the leading professional services organizations with a long-term successful track record, Deloitte Greece fully comprehends that it has a wider role to play in society by putting Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of its actions.

Deloitte remains consistent in supporting every valuable effort to improve the quality of life for every citizen through a comprehensive programme of Corporate Social Responsibility actions in the fields of strategic development of the islands, sports, education, the environment and society in general.

How it works

Race Distances

By The Age

Virtual CGS Kids Cup race features three distances and suggested age groups. Distances for each division are meant to challenge kids and push them beyond their comfort zone, but are also intended to be generally achievable within the age group.


400m Bike -> 200m Run / Ages 5 to 6 (nursery school)

The distance, will be most challenging for new participants, but highly achievable and confidence boosting for our pre-schooler bunch.


400m Bike -> 200m Run / Ages 7 to 8

This is perfect for those at the younger end of the group who will aspire to finish, as well as those in the older group who may be developing their inner competitor and goal-driven personality.


800m Bike -> 400m Run / Ages 9 to 10 

This race really gets kids moving and everyone in the age group should be proud of their achievement. More participants can test their skills on this far, but not too far, course.


800m Bike -> 600m Run / Ages 11 to 12 

This race really gets kids moving and everyone in the age group should be proud of their achievement. Participants can test their skills on this far, but not too far, course.


100 Swim -> 1500m Bike -> 1000m Run / Ages 12 to 14 

The “real thing” that can test their skills on this far, but not too far, course.

Submit the races


If you have a tracker, Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, phone app (like Strava or Nike Running) or any other similar recording device it is easy to record the runs, just upload a photo or screenshot of the overall meters on your evidence form and that is it! Done!

If you are planning on completing some or all of your meters on a treadmill, or don’t have access to a smartphone or recording device, it’s not a problem either. Just make a note of the meters you have completed in a training log, whether this is on a spreadsheet or hand written – whatever works best for you.



To record meters on your bike you can use bike computers, trackers or apps such as MapMyRide , Garmin, Apple Watch, phone app (like Strava )



To record meters on your swim race you can use a swim tracker, If you don’t have one the swim challenges could be slightly trickier to record.


KIDS (Ages 5-8)

We will send all kids challenge medals automatically to the parent or guardian registered and it is at their discretion whether the medals are awarded. There is no need to submit any timing evidence at all for any of the kids challenges apart from a photo of the kid with the bib number after the challenge.

Your Race Day

If available, we recommend a paved space such as a trail or neighborhood sidewalk route that you can easily create an “in and out” or a “loop” course for your race. If that is unavailable, there are lots of creative options such as loops around a park field, even a large backyard! Planning ahead is a good idea so that you can focus on cheering on your kid.



Please take pictures, pictures, pictures! Kids will love to look back at the photo of them at the “starting line”, a mid-race shot and that epic finisher photo with their medal. And we want to see them too! You’ll have a chance to upload a photo on the result submission page and we encourage you to share with us on social media!


Make it Fun! 

You can bring the excitement of a traditional race to your child’s virtual one! Feel free to make a cheer sign to cheer on your kid, bring along music or decorate parts of your “course” with balloons, signs, etc. You can also make your own finish line with chalk, rope or anything else you have handy to give your kid that extra sense of accomplishment and an epic finish!

WHY to Race?

Be Healthy

We want to help kids be active and healthy. Virtual Kids races helps introduce the good healthy habit of sports into kids lives, under any circumstances.


Awesome Medal

One of the best things in a race is getting an awesome collectors medal when you finish. It is proof that you accomplished something special, you earned the reward of a medal. Hang it up on your wall and remember the moment!


Giving Back

When you register for Virtual CGS Kids Cup a portion of the proceeds will go to a charitable cause helping kids in need around the world.

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