Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Race?

A virtual race is a race where you run/bike/swim the distance on your own – you pick the location, the date & the time – and time your kid.

You submit your kid’s time (and hopefully a photo or two!) on the virtual results page by the deadline.

All kids will receive a pre-race packet with their custom bib number, finisher medal, to the address provided during registration. An electronic finisher certificate will also be provided.

When can I swim/bike/run?

It’s your choice! That’s the fun of a virtual race! Results can be submitted anytime between 05/06/2020 and 07/06/2020 to qualify for the electronic finisher certificate.

Where should I swim/bike/run?

If available, we recommend a paved space such as a trail or neighborhood sidewalk route that you can easily create an “in and out” or a “loop” course for your kid. If that is unavailable, there are lots of creative options such as loops around a park field, even a large backyard! Planning ahead is a good idea so that you can focus on cheering on your kid.

How should I time the course?

You can use any type of traditional stopwatch, smartphone, or simply watch the clock! If you run with your child, you can also use any type of app or smart watch. For the virtual run, don’t worry about getting the time down to the precise second, a general minute time will suffice for benchmarking your kid’s success.

What will I get with my race registration?

All participants will receive a pre-race packet.

Where do I submit results?

To the virtual results site prior to June 23th, 2020. Here you will upload your kids time along with their registration confirmation number and any photos you would like to submit.

What type of photos should I submit?

That is up to you! It could be a photo of your kid taking off from the “starting line”, a mid-race photo, an epic finish photo, a high five, or even a shoe selfie. If you prefer not to upload a photo, that’s ok too!

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