General conditions | CGS kids Virtual Triathlon

General conditions:

  • Children aged 5-14 years can participate in the CGS kids Triathlon competition.
  • Each child participates in the competition at their own risk and bears full responsibility for their physical condition and ability to participate.
  • Only valid and timely registrants can participate in the CGS kids Virtual Triathlon competition.
  • The CGS kids Triathlon takes place on the designated days. Only in the event of exceptional circumstances or other force majeureshall the Organizing Committee of the competition have the right to decide to postpone the start or cancel the competition depending on the prevailing conditions.
  • The Organizing Committee of the competition reserves the right to change the race schedule, the terms and conditions of participation and the running of the competition without prior notice, by posting on the official competition website.
  • The personal data declared by the parent or guardian for each participant on submission of the application must be absolutely true. In the case that the application / registration form is submitted by a third party, it is considered that the participant agrees to place his / her personal data at the disposal of the Organizing Committee of the Competition through the third party.
  • Participants agree that their personal data is provided to third parties for the purposes of timing, compiling a list of results, and posting them on the Internet. The personal data of the participant, provided in the context of the application process, will be stored and used for purposes related exclusively to the running of the competition. Any other processing of personal data of the participant is carried out only with the consent of the data subject for the specific stated purpose.
  • The competition’s participants consent or not to the use of their images by the organizers, sponsors or other partners of the competition for purposes of publicity and future promotion, without any right to total or partial compensation for this reason according to the personal data statement.


Registration Conditions:

  • The Organizing Committee of the CGS kids Virtual Triathlon competition has the right to suspend or close registrations without prior notice.
  • Registration for the competition is possible only through the online registration platform available on the website of the competition set up by the Organizing Committee.
  • It is forbidden for a participant to register more than once for the same race. Invalid entries, which for any reason do not comply with the rules of the competition, are cancelled without prior notice.

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