Play and Learn

New activity for CGS SMART !

“Play and Learn” for PreK & K students (ΠΝ & Νηπιαγωγείο)

“Play and Learn” is part of the English Language Club for our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students. It encompasses all forms of games to encourage young learners to develop their English skills.

Fun goes hand in hand with learning, and so our English Language Club program is full of creative activities and educational games, crafts, theatre and sciences.

Our young learners love to explore, discover and create. Therefore, all our activities are built on this foundation. Fun and games in all forms reveal the mysteries of the world and encourage us to speak in English.

Our students will take part in outdoor educational games which will promote a connection with nature. We will learn about the world around us and develop our sense of respect and caring for the world we share. We will get moving and build our English skills at the same time.

We will conduct science activities and experiments in English which will open a new horizon of possibilities and wonder, stimulating critical thinking and encouraging us to use the language.

We will listen to stories, create crafts and take part in puppet theatres, inspiring students’ development of English communication skills.

This safe environment for free expression will foster students’ experience in the English language and stimulate their imagination. In “Play and Learn” we learn to share and use our words in English. English becomes the medium for discovery and fun!

“Play and Learn” will help students encourage, promote and strengthen communication skills in English in the most relaxed and enjoyable way!


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