Study Skills in Action – Active Learning

Within the framework of innovative actions adopted by CGS, a new Skills in Action – Active Learning programme has been designed to support our students’ training in effective study skills.

The Study Skills in Action programme is conducted in small groups organized according to the ages of the students and their individual needs. The weekly sessions are offered to Primary School (years 4 to 6), Middle School and High School students.

The aim of the workshops is to develop our students’ organizational skills, to train them in effective study skills and the self-management of their affective skills, through adopting strategies that will enhance their learning and performance.

Consequently, this specific programme is aimed at all students who wish to systematically hone their skills in order to consolidate the organizational and study strategies taught in our compulsory morning programme. The planning and implementation of the programme is co-ordinated by the Counselling Support Services head, Ms. Sophia Albani.

The fields covered include organizational skills such as:

  • time management
  • the structure of the school timetable  

In addition, the following study skills are taught:

  • discourse analysis
  • memory techniques
  • effective note-taking
  • preparing and delivering presentations
  • test and examination preparation

Based on their personal learning style, students will have the opportunity to discover how they learn better and to enhance their study strategies. This programme offers a host of benefits, as our students’ ability to concentrate is enhanced while they learn how to manage stress.

An excellent opportunity for students to hone their study skills, while turning reading into a game of strategy!

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