CGS MUN Keynote Speakers | 9-11 December

Νiki K. Kerameus

Member  of the Hellenic Parliament, Head of Education, Research & Religious Affairs Sector of New Democracy Party

Niki K. Kerameus serves as a Member of the Hellenic Parliament (State Constituency) since January 2015 and as the Head of the Education, Research and Religious Affairs Sector of the New Democracy Party, the main opposition party. She has previously served as a Parliamentary Spokesperson and as the Responsible for the Administrative Reform and E-Government Sector of the ND Party. She is currently a member of two Parliamentary Committees: the Standing Committee on Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Special Permanent Committee on the Penitentiary System and Other Forms of Confinement of Detainees.

Ms. Kerameus is a lawyer and a partner at Kerameus & Partners Law Firm in Athens (Greece), practicing mainly in the field of international arbitration. She has significant experience in international arbitration matters, in three different jurisdictions (Athens-Greece, Paris-France, New York-U.S.A.). Prior to joining Kerameus & Partners, she worked in the litigation department of the law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP in New York on matters such as the Enron litigation and the AOL-Time Warner litigation.

She speaks fluently English, French and Greek, while has some knowledge of German. She is a graduate of the Harvard Law School (LL.M.) and the University Paris II (Panthéon-Assas) (Degree in law and Master’s degree in Private International Law and Arbitration; graduated first in both and summa cum laude).

She is a founding member and until 2015 President of the Non-profit Foundation “Desmos” (, which locates surplus from companies and individuals to cover needs of Greece’s most vulnerable citizens and social welfare organizations.





Thodoris Gerogakopoulos

Journalist, Column Writer, blogger, translator, Social Media Expert Editorial director of Dianeosis (

Thodoris Georgakopoulos is  a writer and a journalist.

He has worked as a journalist, editor and digital media consultant. His main interests are long form non-fiction writing, literature and the development of new digital media products.

He is also the editorial director at Dianeosis, a research institute based in Athens, Greece

Thodoris is  the author of four books.





Constantina Chryssanthakopoulou

Head of Onassis Cultural Centre Friends’ Scheme / Customer Relations & Ticket Sales

Constantina fantasizes a universe made of cappuccino latte, Spotify lists, bitten apples, British English, tv series, equal parts of planning & doing, the colour yellow, and the sea as a constant part of the scenery.

Being fascinated by (envious of, really) the minds of Tom Robbins, Charles M. Schulz, René Goscinny and Seth Godin and a true hater of “i” in sentences unless it refers to Steve Jobs products, she specifically avoids lying except in the “home town” section of her facebook profile, where she improvises repeatedly.

This improvisation and vigour is also evident in the way she approaches her academic studies and experience: She economics in Brussels (1989), gemology workshops in Rome (1995) & cultural management online courses in Athens University (2009), hence the also diverse job timeline. Starting as a commercial representative in Greece for construction flat glass, followed by short intervals in sales at Bulgari, Italy & Greece and in self-employed event planning, she began working at the Onassis Foundation in 2006, at first in the Scholarships Department, being in charge of various groups of scholars and also of the department’s accounting work.

Since 2011, she migrated to the Onassis Cultural Centre (OCC), in the Marketing & Communications department, where she has the chance to build a unique community of Friends that are always valued for who they are – not how much they spend. She also took part in the first OCC social media team, implementing a pioneering strategy & recently became in charge of the ticket sales unit.

This varied and exciting professional journey has allowed her to identify two points that came to be both her passion and her guiding light: One, customer relations & prospecting should never be based on profits (or they will fail) but should always be based on a human 2 human philosophy (and they will bloom).

Two, planning & procedures are the enhancers of creativity and the key ingredients for any a successful goal.

Constantina is grateful for every single decade in her life so far, as she was born in the revolutionary 70’s, has been an adolescent student & dancer in the glam 80’s and started working in the 90’s when the birth of the commercial web and mobile communications took place. The millennium turned when she was a newlywed and the mother of Maria, now 17 and passionate MUNer/law lover & Andrew, now 15, natural geographer since the age of 3 and keen researcher. During the first 2 decades of the millennium, thus in her 30s and 40s, she experienced the births of the Web 2.0 and the Digital-and-Mobile of everything. What an awesome timing indeed.

In her next life, she will be a heart surgeon or a small luxury hotel chain owner on the Greek islands. Or Harvey Specter. In this life, she is also the creator of #aPhotoOfGreeceADay summer photo project.




Manolis Andriotakis

Content Strategist

Manolis Andriotakis is a  New Media multi-skilled journalist, writer, videographer, blogger and content strategist.

He is the author of 7 books and the creator of 4 documentaries.

His life is dedicated to projects which involve the love of storytelling,









  Vassilis Tziokas is a marketing professional, currently working for Microsoft as a Product Marketing Manager. He has been featured in top publications like AdWeek and MediaPost. He has previously worked for BBC Worlwide, TBWA/London, Upstream and Kraft Foods. He is passionate about digital transformation, neuroscience and behavioral economics writing tl;dr posts at Huffington Post Greece and his personal blog He is the founder of, a thematic site exploring the merge of physical and digital elements in daily life and business.



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