CGS IB DP Visual Arts Exhibition 2022 | Online

Οι τελειόφοιτοι μαθητές του CGS International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, οι οποίοι παρακολουθούν το μάθημα του Visual Arts, παρουσιάζουν την έκθεση των έργων, τα οποία φιλοτέχνησαν κατά τη διάρκεια των 2 ετών των σπουδών τους.

To μάθημα του ΙΒDP Visual Arts έχει αποτελέσει εκκολαπτήριο σημαντικών καλλιτεχνών που σήμερα ακολουθούν μια σημαντική πορεία στην Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό, ενώ η έκθεση αποτελεί μέρος της τελικής αξιολόγησης των μαθητών στο μάθημα του IB DP Visual Arts.


Την φετινή χρονιά, η έκθεση παρουσιάζεται online μέσω του ιστότοπου του σχολείου.


Στην έκθεση θα συμμετέχουν με έργα τους oι μαθητές:

Αντζούλη Μελίσσα

Καλιάνη Μυρτώ

Σεραφείδης Στέλιος

Σταμούδη Δανάη

Στεφανούδη Φρειδερίκη


Καθηγητής Καλών Τεχνών:

Κωνσταντίνος Παπαδούκας


Architectural Design:

Μαρία Ζαχαριάδου

Antzoulis Melissa


Linoleum prints on different media

These prints depict my feelings during quarantine. I am captive in my room. The bars represent the barrier to the outside. A barrier to move forward and encounter new experiences depicted by the fenced off stair case. The prison chair shows how I felt imprisoned, not only physically but mentally.


Antzoulis Melissa

All Locked Up


Through these series of photographs I tried to express my feelings during lockdown. In a dark room I projected the words locked up on my brothers face as we spent quarantine together restrained at home. Locked up was beamed with strong intensity onto the hidden face as it was a predominant thought.


Antzoulis Melissa

Impassable Stairs to Success

Acrylic on canvas

Using acrylic on canvas to further evolve my lock down concept, expressing how it is not possible to progress in a feeling of despair.  The stairs to accomplishment during lock down were blocked.  Using a large scale canvas, with a dominant black background I tried giving a trapped feeling to the viewer.

Antzoulis Melissa


Mixed media

I focused on my inner feelings during quarantine – confusion and pressure, by combining rough surfaces and metallic elements. The physical confinement within four walls and lack of interaction with the outside during quarantine was what triggered me into exploring the dimension of space and how space can impact someone’s feelings.


Antzoulis Melissa

Reflecting a Fake Reality


I started noticing balconies during quarantine as they were the root to escape. Further exploring them, windows and reflections, I noticing that reflections are very intermixed with the inside – outside – and the viewer. I worked on Perspex trying to show that reflections might not depict a clear view of reality.


Antzoulis Melissa

In and Out

Mixed media, Etching

This series shows the relationship between space and reflections. Reflections can completely distort reality, changing the viewers perspective. The first two designs show a realistic interpretation of inside space, with no fake reflections. In contrast, the third design, uses the mixed reflections, combining the inside – outside and the viewer creating a new space.


Antzoulis Melissa

In-between Reflections

MDF, mirrors

Further developing my idea, I was interested in focusing on a close up fragment of my previous work. The 3D structure allows the viewer to interact and participate in the piece. My intention was to design a minimal structure on first sight, however the adjacent mirrors create mixed reflections, puzzling the viewer.


Antzoulis Melissa

Within and Without Reflections

MDF, mirrors

Inspired by Lukas Samaras and the effect of reflection, creating a new space. My simplistic, structure, allows the viewer to focus on the forever changing reflections. The illusion I wanted to create is confusion, especially on the inside where reflections meet and overlap with each other creating a never-ending space.


Antzoulis Melissa

Mirror Excess

Digital collage

Inspired by the multiple, unique and distorted reflection created through my previous structure, I wanted to capture them using a digital collage. The reflections are transient and this piece shows an exaggeration and allows us to experience this in static time.

Antzoulis Melissa

Exaggerated Layering

Acrylic on canvas

Inspired by Zaha Hadid’s paintings, I began experimenting on how to further evolve my original piece keeping in mind the idea of repetition from before. Using different hues of grey my aim was to achieve a transparent effect. The visible layering permits the viewer to look through, behind and beyond.

Antzoulis Melissa

Distorting panels


This structure has a potential to work as a new screen in any window creating fragmenting views towards the inside and outside and allowing sun to penetrate inside, creating patterns that would alter the rooms atmosphere.


Kaliani Myrto

Strangers on film


During the lockdowns, I tended to feel really overwhelmed. In order to feel a sense of freedom, I would go for long walks on the beachside near my house. There I would start observing the people who were passing by trying to understand how they might possibly be feeling. In this part of my exhibition, the viewer will encounter an attempt to freeze some of moments of “my strangers”’ lives during the lockdown.

Kaliani Myrto


Digital Collage / Photography

The claustrophobic, almost “rotten” cinema, seemed to me like an exact depiction of how I felt inside my house. I wanted my photo to be “stronger” and to evoke my exact feelings, so I edited, with a picture I took of a broken glass, emphasising on how broken I felt.

Kaliani Myrto

Left Behind

Mixed Media: Wood, cloth, metal wire, plaster, thread

After the exploration of this abandoned cinema, I realised that our cities are full of such buildings, memories frozen in time. Just like the buildings, we humans ourselves have important memories inside of us frozen in time, that affect our intuition and identity. This is exactly what I tried to portray in my work “Left behind”. Ideally, this work will be torched from the back side, in order to fully convey my idea to the audience.


Kaliani Myrto


Digital Collage / Photography

My work, “Shuttered”, is a depiction of how I felt in the extend of the lockdowns. I chose to make this portrait of my friend seem as it is seen from the perspective of a broken mirror, in order to portray how social isolation made me feel like.

Kaliani Myrto

Inside Out


Mixed Media: wood, fabric, light bulb, broken CDs

In my work “Inside Out” p,  attempted to depict the contradiction between my inside and outside world. It’s soft exterior, that is reminiscent of a pillow, comes to total contrast with the sharp interior of the box. This work follows my work “Shuttered”, depicting the outcome of social isolation had on me.


Kaliani Myrto


Graffiti spray, black marker and acrylics on canvas

This work, is a complete representation of how my thoughts and emotions were tangled. Most of the times, the complexity of my thoughts and emotions, make me feel trapped in my mind, and this was a recurring topic in my work as a total. This situation troubled me not only during the lockdowns, but for years, and at some point they still do.


Kaliani Myrto


Plaster and acrylics on canvas

Since the beginning of the pandemic, and mostly during the second lockdown, I’ve dealt with severe stress and panic attacks. In this work, I attempted to depict how I feel during this panic attacks, a feeling that seems to be “draining” me slowly.

Kaliani Myrto



In this work, I tried to depict how I feel that our lives are connected with others’, and the impact this has on one’s identity. During the creation of this collage, I came to various conclusions on how my life and thus identity, I connected with others. Even if we don’t realise it everyone that might just pass by our lives has major impact on the formation of our identity.


Kaliani Myrto

When They See Us

Mixed Media: charcoal, chalk pastels and acrylics on canvas

In my work, “When they see us”, I tried to convey the  fear and tension, that is produced to someone due to the overwhelming anxiety and insecurities, this person might have, and how transparent and “naked” they might feel in-front of others.


Kaliani Myrto

The Shelter

Mixed Media: hagiography powder, acrylics, chalk pastels, charcoal on cupboard

What I tried to express through my work, “The Shelter”, is the fact that sometimes the things that are supposed to make you feel the safest, are the ones that threaten your well-being the most.

Serafidis Stelios

Burning hopes 1

Linoleum printmaking

By my first piece, I want to make the audience relate to the recent catastrophic fires that have affected and touched all Greek people. This way, I hope that they will start reflecting upon the human intervention that led to this catastrophe.

Serafidis Stelios

Burning hopes 2

Linoleum printmaking

Moving on to the second piece, the viewer through a burnt tree which looks like a door watches the burnt forest. I hope that this will bring the audience even more intense emotions and help them redefine their self-identity to save the planet.

Serafidis Stelios

Burning hopes 3

Copper printmaking

This piece is based on a very powerful photo. The branch of the burnt tree is like an arrow menacingly directed towards us. The symbolism I want to convey to the audience is that nature when not taken care of and respected will find a way to take revenge. I used burnt soil that I collected from the forest.

Serafidis Stelios

Burning hopes 4

Copper printmaking

By this piece, the audience is watching the fire protection vehicle intended to put out the fire, being burnt. By this, I hope that the viewer will feel that people are powerless against the menace of nature, and also lead them to search into their souls to realize that the only way to prevent the destruction of the planet is to be proactive and act in a way to save the planet.


Serafidis Stelios

The Wrath of Earth

Installation made of chicken wire and mesh

By this installation art, inspired by “Wilbelwerk” an installation piece made by the famous environmental artist Olafur Eliasson, I want to make the audience realize that we live in a warmer, wetter world thanks to climate change, and this is likely to influence extreme weather events, including tornadoes. Human intervention affects our planet. I hope that when people watch this piece, they will realize that their actions and choices they make have an immediate reflection upon our planet.

Serafidis Stelios

Sensation Color box

Assemblage made of an old phone, colorful string, floppy disk, perfume bottles, plastic cups, color palette, a glass screen

Having been inspired by Cornell’s memory boxes and a video I had watched in the past called “Listen to colors”, I made an interactive assemblage by which people can play with their senses “Sight, smell and touch”. By combining miscellaneous and diverse objects, I created an assemblage artwork in which emotions and colors are blended in a way that anyone can relate to it by their own experiences.

Serafidis Stelios

Photo shooting in Isolated Athens


Jan Staller’s absence of human figure and focus on design and architectural space have been my inspiration. Since it was a lockdown time in Athens, I started taking photos in the downtown which, without people circulating, seemed like an abandoned town. All my photos share some common characteristics. They all describe design and architectural space in open area, they are all taken at the same daytime, just before sunset, there is an absence of human figure and all of them are taken in Athens downtown.


Stamoudi Danai

External vs Internal space

linoleum print ilk

This is a quarantine inspired work. It expresses the feelings I felt during the quarantine when we were are enclosed in our houses. This specific work refers to the contrast of the inner and outer self, meaning to how I experienced the isolation. On the one hand I felt that time passes without experiencing new things and socializing. I felt that I was trapped between four walls and I couldn’t escape. This is depicted on the left side of the painting with the symbol of the clocks which are slowly melting. This means that the time passes extremely slowly and is altered. In addition the bars in front of the door symbolizes that feeling of isolation and prison. On the other hand, it was an opportunity to focus on myself and develop it more. I had time to start new activities and explore myself. This is depicted on the right side of the work with the symbol of the stairs and the open, bright door.


Stamoudi Danai

Above & Bellow

linoleum print ilk

The work is a development of the External vs Internal space work. It expresses the alienation and isolation from the outside world and how teens experience this new reality. The composition is depicted around a face. It is how this new reality of quarantine is reflected on our self. The stairs and the complicated lines have the effect of a labyrinth showing the confusion of the situation. The bars in front of the eyes show that we cannot “see” the outside world because we are enclosed to our homes.

Stamoudi Danai

The reflection to the window

photography, digital

The two Photographies depict eyes looking outside. There is a window in front of them that prevents the person going outside. There is a reflection of the outside on the window. The person can only see and not experience the outside. We are all enclosed in our houses and we can’t go out. In the first photograph there is a reflection of the city lights reminding me of the bars and restaurants of a city which are all closed now. It refers more to the night life before the pandemic that I miss. In the second picture there is a reflection of nature. It symbolizes that this new reality is unnatural and we have the need to be outside as social creatures.


Stamoudi Danai

The roughness of pressure

Acrylics on wooden surface

The work expresses the emotion of anger we all experience because of the quarantine. It emphasizes to the facial expressions of people and more specifically the eye expression. During the pandemic we all have to wear masks covering half of our face. Although eyes can communicate emotion. The work is composed of four different pieces of wood and four portraits. The people depicted are some of my friends and classmates. I chose them because I want to show diversity. The work refers to everyday people and a wider society as this is a situation, we all experience. The colors I choose are white, black and red. These colors are symbolic and express better the feeling of anger. In addition, I choose to add texture with the paint and with the layering because a rough surface is associated with rough feelings such as anger.

Stamoudi Danai


Construction with aluminum and wood

The work is a development of the The roughness of pressure work and expresses the feeling of anger of isolation because of the quarantine. I chose to use aluminum because it is a sharp, rigid and impermeable material like anger. I also used wooden surfaces to glue on the aluminum to create layering and form an abstract human face. In addition, some pieces have a slope creating shadow in order to make be more like a human face. The work has no detail and only some facial features are added in order to emphasis on the rigid of the material.


Stamoudi Danai

The circle

Digital drawing, no measurements

The work is a digital drawing and it has movement. It depicts a person screaming gradually forming a circle. The circle begins with the first figure in the vertical position and slowly starts expressing anger and despair by screaming. When the scream reaches its climax, it starts calming gradually until it reaches its initial state. This circle has no stop and start. Anger and despair are emotions that we experience each day because of the pandemic as we miss our life before and we are despaired about what will happen next.

Stamoudi Danai

Deep into a memory

Plexiglass with ilk

This work is composed by 12 plexiglass surfaces. It depicts an abstract human face. Every piece has a different shape and from the front they form the face. As the plexiglass comes forward, they depict fewer shapes finishing with the tip of the nose, the chin and the forehead which are the features that stand out more than the others. The work has depth and the viewers are able to see the layering but they cannot touch it. It expresses the sadness and melancholy of life before the pandemic that we cannot have back. We can remember it but not have I and experience it again. The blue color is associated with melancholy and sadness expressing the initial idea.


Stefanoudi Freideriki


Nails and thread on wood

This has been my final creation as a student. Influenced by mathematics this piece is a geometric and colorful piece. The brightly colored threads, carefully weaved around the nails create a chaotic yet organized essence. Perhaps exactly like the nature of mathematics.


Stefanoudi Freideriki


Plexiglas Etching

This is piece is mainly inspired by mathematics. My intention was to create a very clean, hard edged geometrical piece that complies with mathematical symmetry. Purely linear and angular this piece is the highlight if my mathematical inspiration.


Stefanoudi Freideriki



This photography collection explores the relationship between humans and nature. More specifically it focuses on the footprint people leave on nature through a series of monochrome photos. The black and white element also enhances the idea of “forgotten” which inspired the whole collection.


Stefanoudi Freideriki


Digital Art

Inspired by Islamic art this piece is one geometric and repetitive composition that follows the Islamic tradition for patterns. Both the shapes and the colors are merged together to create one harmonic piece.


Stefanoudi Freideriki


Linoleum print

My series of linoleum prints are yet again part of my geometrical creations. One of my first pieces inspired by mathematics this is a symmetrical and structured composition. The layering however provides a complex nature to the pieces giving them their maze like feeling.


Stefanoudi Freideriki


Linoleum print

This specific piece was created during and for quarantine. On the one hand it expresses the isolation and the feeling of being trapped inside that the viewer feels. On the other hand it can express a feeling of comfort and protection with the flowers inside.


Stefanoudi Freideriki


Wood and metal

This piece was created in order to raise awareness for nature’s oppression by man. Both elements one natural one artificial are manipulated in such way to highlight oppression and mistreatment. On the one hand the wood and on the other the harsh wire intertwine to satisfy my message.

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