Learning Support Programme

It has been well-documented that children who are really struggling with classes do not study less than their classmates, nor are they less intelligent, but face special learning difficulties and require a different way and framework in which to learn.

In recent years, the study of learning difficulties, their diagnosis and remedial education have shown great growth. This is due to an increase in learning difficulties, but also to their recognition as a problem that needs to be addressed.  Remedial education concerns not only specific children, but addresses the teacher, the particular school system and the family. Only with the cooperation of all departments and interested parties can this be promoted.

Sensitised to the needs of students and the family, the school has organised a network of support for students with learning difficulties and difficulties associated with joining the school system. Being aware of the need for co-operation between the various disciplines to achieve this goal, the programme includes school psychologists, special needs educators, teachers and parents.

The programme for students with learning difficulties offers services aimed at pupils of all Kindergarten and Primary classes and includes the following pillars:



  • Detecting and evaluating potential learning difficulties which arise.
  • Organizing and conducting workshops addressing learning difficulties for parents.
  • Collaborating with teachers for specific pupils with possible learning difficulties.
  • Screening of the pupils in the Nursery School and Year 1 of the Primary School.



In cases where learning difficulties are detected, the Counselling Support Services department provides:

  • Support the learner individually in order for him / her to realise and accept his / her difficulty in order to boost his or her self-esteem.
  • Collaboration with teachers to support the student in the classroom.
  • Educating teachers in the scientific field of research and in ways of coping with learning difficulties within the classroom.
  • Supporting teachers with learning support techniques including a Learning Support Programme, written correction techniques, student differentiated testing, teacher intervention to promote better time and classroom management.
  • Informing and collaborating with the parents of each student who has learning difficulties in the following ways:


1. Presentation of the nature of the learning difficulty and its causes so that parents can understand and accept it.

2. Informing the parents of the School’s policy on learning difficulties

3. Offering guidance to the parents on the help they can provide their child.

  • Collaboration with external special needs educators.



In the case of learning difficulties that require further investigation, the School provides, after formal parental consent, personalized student support services.

These include:

  • Comprehensive assessment with psychometric tests.
  • Psycho-pedagogical rehabilitation alongside the compulsory school programme in the following forms:

Individualized: learning intervention by experienced special needs educators, twice a week, on an annual basis.

b. In class: monitoring and supporting pupils in the classroom and working with teachers and / or

2. Group work: if the pupil’s needs allow, the introduction of a creative writing and expression group, once a week, lasting three months (e.g. a group of 5 students of the same year meeting for creative writing, expression, game play and painting as a means of coping with learning difficulties).

The provision of services covering the 3rd Pillar are optional and are priced accordingly. Enrolment for the course can be take place by contacting the Counselling Support Services of the School.

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