CGS at the Yale Model Government Europe Conference

Last weekend, 15 of our IB Diploma Programme and Lyceum students participated in the 12th annual Yale Model Government Europe Conference. Taking place in Athens for the first time, the YMGE is an event that focuses on issues of importance to Europe, bringing together experienced Yale students and high school student delegates from around the world to explore some of the EU’s most pressing topics. Participants are called upon to discuss, debate and provide solutions in a lively, engaged way through a diverse range of crisis committees and regional bodies – some highlights… “Together are we better? EU Membership Council”, “Solidarity for Independence: Special Committee on Catalan Secession”, “I believe I can fly: the future of Europe’s aviation sector.”

For our CGSers, it was certainly a great learning experience – a new way to apply their creativity, diplomacy, and problem-solving abilities in an international forum.

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